Maintenance & Repairs in Basingstoke

In order to report maintenance and repairs issues, click the button below.

Belvoir advises all tenants to save to their mobile phones, tablet or p.c.

There are a number of major benefits of this app:

  • All reports made are timed and dated to provide a useful and necessary timeline.
  • What constitutes an emergency is defined and “good-to-know” response times are provided once a submission has been made.
  • Some of the functionality of the app appears in different languages, so helping in the clarification of issues with tenants whose first language is not English.
  • Useful pointers are provided at the time of making the report. Is there power to the appliance? Has the filter been checked? Are the neighbours’ lights also not working? etc. This saves no end of time and will save unnecessary and expensive call-outs by engineers.
  • Tenants are encouraged to upload images of the issue, to help in the initial diagnosis.
  • Emergencies are still dealt with by telephone and, outside of office hours, tenants are encouraged to call emergency contractors.

Out of Hours Emergencies Only

GAS: If you smell gas or detect a gas leak call the National Gas Emergency service on 0800 111 999

WATER: If you believe the leak is dangerous, or is causing damage, please call the 24-hour Leakline service, on 0333 000 3330.

During other hours, if the problem is an emergency, tenants are requested to call an appropriate company to deal with the problem. Please note, however, that if it is determined that a problem is not a true emergency, then the tenant will be expected to pay the cost of the call-out.

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