Premium Property Marketing in Basingstoke

Our Premium Marketing approach will be of most use to three categories of property:

(Examples of our premium brochures appear at the foot of this page.)

In these cases, we suggest the removal of the property from the market entirely for a period of time. It can take as long as three or four weeks for us to get all the various ducks in a row and resting a property for this time means that there will be a significant number of home-hunters who will not already have seen the property by the time it’s re-launched. It will then be presented to them as a newly listed property and marketed in the best possible light. A property listed on the major websites will have the date that it was first listed with that agent, so were it left with the same agent, it would be immediately obvious that it has been on the market for a while.

If you are desperate to re-launch, then there is every chance that by rushing into things with a new agent, you will simply be doing more of the same (which hasn’t worked) and often at a lower price. Most agents will blame the market and the price for their lack of success, but whilst this is sometimes the case, it is by no means always the whole story. Many agents have no idea what to do in order to try and improve things. For the right sort of property, we have a number of things we can introduce, some of which are detailed here.

We even know of examples where a property has been re-launched at a higher price in the right manner and been successfully sold. This strategy really does work and really should be seriously considered.

Where there is a degree of quirkiness the use of this strategy really will enhance the property’s appearance.

Make the absolute most of that Elizabethan bread oven in the hallway of your cottage. That Haha wall needs to be photographed in the right manner. A spectacular view from the master bedroom warrants space. That hallway with original Victorian tiles? Remove the carpet runner, polish it up and make the most of it. The inglenook fireplace that you can sit in? Light a roaring fire, add a pan of chestnuts and remove the clutter before snapping it. So, you have a swimming pool? Take the covers off, give it a clean, lay out some sun-loungers with towels, a table with some iced-drinks, a novel and roll the barbecue out.

All too often, an agent simply stands in the corner of a room and takes a picture. Sometimes there is no editing and the images are too dark, or over-enthusiastic editing results in an image being far too light. The more unusual your property is, the more care needs to be taken and sometimes, the more innovative our professional photographer needs to be in order to make your home jump off the screen or out of the page.

The brochures we design uses professionally taken photographs, including, where appropriate: twilight images, images from a drone, and a selection of life-style images. Twilight images may sound odd, but imagine looking at a page on Rightmove where all the images are taken in daylight, except yours which has a twilight image; it stands out and will get noticed. They are generally written by a professional copy-writer and they certainly do not read like the usual estate-agent’s brochure. All estate-agent speak is removed, and the text is scattered with quotes from the owners. The floorplans are as large as we can make them and, in a sufficiently high resolution to be able to actually read any measurements contained in the plans.

We need to get the person reading the brochure to imagine what it must be like to live in the property. This cannot be achieved by simply stating that a room is “dual aspect”, benefits from gas fired central heating, has ample power sockets, a B.T point and a Virgin connection. Over counter cupboards and roll-topped work-surfaces are clearly shown in the photographs and this sort of thing really doesn’t need to be pointed out.

It’s much better to highlight the real benefits of the property, but unless an agent asks the right questions, it’s very likely that this sort of information is overlooked. For this reason, if you embark upon this strategy with us, expect to receive what may seem like a strange call from someone wanting to know what made you buy the property, what you love about it, what isn’t immediately apparent to someone not intimately acquainted with it, and what you’ll miss about the house or the area.

There is usually a very good reason for you having decided to buy the property, and it’s our job to find someone who would appreciate the same boxes being ticked for them. And don’t forget that nine times out of ten, you’ve found out something after moving in that you’ve told friends about and we need to know what it is. There’s a house we’ve had dealings with which has a footpath leading to an Indian take-away, post-office and pharmacy. This won’t be a priority for all, but without a very intimate knowledge of the local area, this wouldn’t be mentioned at all. But what about the property which has easy but relatively unknown access to the perfect walk along a river? How about the local spirit and the summer parties held on the green for the local kids? Tell us everything that there is to know about your house and we’ll pick the elements which are most likely to attract the right buyers.

Wherever possible, we will try and create a brand for the home, and the Belvoir brand is very much limited in its presence; it is the home we are promoting, not Belvoir.

That this approach works is perhaps best demonstrated by the fact that we sold one home in particular that had been on the market for over 2 years with 2 different agents. We negotiated an offer which was accepted 1 week after listing with their new brochure! It’s worth noting also, that in this case, some of the rooms had no furniture and we had to invest in “virtual staging” in order to make the home look as enticing as we could.

Here are a number of examples of the sort of brochure that we are able to produce. Further examples will be added as they are produced.

Premium Brochures

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