Property lettings services for tenants in Basingstoke

Whilst the tenant ultimately has a contractual relationship with the landlord and not the agent, Belvoir Basingstoke takes seriously its relationship with the tenant.

The tenant is always dealt with courteously and Belvoir Basingstoke goes to great lengths to ensure that the tenant is made fully aware of his responsibilities and liabilities.

Recognising that the rent paid by tenants often represents a significant sum of money, Belvoir realises that the tenant has expectations, especially with regard to the state of a property at check-in, the speed of response to maintenance issues etc.

Rest assured, Belvoir Basingstoke offers everything that a tenant would fairly expect of a professional agent. And in a number of significant areas, it offers more.

A tenant is effectively being appraised at every turn in the application process to ensure that a tenant is appropriate for a tenancy. Why not take the opportunity to ask those sometimes awkward questions of Belvoir? For example: What happens to an applicant’s holding fee if it all goes wrong?

Belvoir Basingstoke has nothing to hide and willingly explain all policies.

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