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Having Fun at New Apartment

Moving With Children? How To Sell And Be Settled Before The New School Year

If you thought you'd missed the boat for a family move this year, the good news is you've still got time. With the speed of the current market, you can sell your home and be in your new one by the end of the school holidays.

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What do buyers want? Five fundamental factors that turn viewings into sales

While practical considerations like size and price play a part when choosing a new home, the most influential factor of all is how it feels.

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buy or rent house home apartment woman decide vector illustration buying renting

Which is better, renting or owning a home?

Whether you’re going to rent or planning to buy, your next move in Basingstoke is a personal choice. We look at the pros and cons for both.

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The time is now: sell your home in the best market for a decade

We cannot remember a market like this. Record high demand, record short supply, record low interest rates, record speeds of sale and record high prices have created one of the strongest seller's markets in memory.

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Parent and pupil go to school

What are School Catchment Areas and do they Affect Property Prices?

If you’ve got children or are planning on having them in the future, then you’ve probably given this some thought when looking at properties to buy in Basingstoke.

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piggy bank

What are House Moving Costs?

What costs are involved in moving house? Here at Belvoir Basingstoke we have the expertise to take you through some of the critical factors when thinking about the money side of moving home in Basingstoke.

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exchanging contracts on property

How Long Does it Take to Exchange Contracts on a House?

The exchange of contracts is the point at which the buyer is legally obliged to purchase the property from the seller. How long does it get to this stage?

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