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Is Buy-to-let Broken? Facts, Figures and Future Trends for Private Landlords

Changes in lending criteria mean landlords have to put in more of their own money; changes in tax policy have affected initial yields; changes in lettings legislation have changed what it is to own a rental property.

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Entrepreneurs, business owners, accountants, real estate agents, focusing on tabletop home models with women using home equity budget calculators to assess their financial risks.

Protection Money: A Guide to Landlord Insurance and Reducing Your Premiums

Although it isn’t a legal requirement to insure rental homes, a survey of 3,000 landlords revealed that around 85% do protect their buy-to-lets. For the other 15%, research by LV suggests that landlords spend £600m every year on repairs that could be covered by insurance.

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PREMIUM LETTINGS: how to attract high-earning professional tenants

How to attract professional tenants. It's a lucrative market of high-earning people who'll pay a premium rent for the right home. But what exactly do they want?

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Landlords insurance concept.

3 Things To Know About Landlord Insurance in Basingstoke

What important things should you should know about landlord insurance? Our blog looks at what it is and the types of insurance available.

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2021 RENTAL REVIEW BASINGSTOKE: A thank you to landlords and tenants

A look at the lessons of the the home rental market and challenges and opportunities faced by landlords and tenants in 2021.

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LETTING TRENDS for 2022: a landlord's guide to future demand for buy-to-lets

By keeping on top of market trends and evolving lifestyles, buying-to-let can be a profitable business. We look at the trends for 2022.

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Longer lettings: how to attract and keep great tenants for years

Every landlord and tenant wants exactly the same thing: security and stability. Here's how to attract and keep your tenants.

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Renting to Families: our 5-step formula for the perfect buy-to-let

Families look for particular qualities in considering whether a property is suitable for them, so this week is all about ensuring your buy-to-let property ticks all the boxes as a family home.

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unfurnished room

PRETTY VACANT: How to style your buy-to-let without using furniture

Empty rooms can look a bit sad, and there are plenty of uninviting photographs out there of vacant buy-to-lets. It's a constant challenge for landlords and letting agents when the demand from tenants is for unfurnished property, but when homes never look their best when they're empty.

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Hiring Contractors: A landlord’s guide to finding tradespeople in Basingstoke you can trust

Being a landlord means having the numbers of a good plumber, electrician and handyman to hand in case of an emergency. But who is reliable?

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Rent arrears: finding a balance between compassion and collection

Although rent arrears have been a hot topic during the pandemic, it’s far from being a new subject. That said, if the discussion has taught us anything in the last year, it’s that anyone can be affected by economic events: no-one is immune, however high their income.

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Accidental landlord? What you need to know

Have you inherited a property, moved in with a partner or relocated but don't want to sell your property? If you want to rent your property out, it could prove a great investment for you, but there are a number of important things to know and consider before you think about moving a tenant in!

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