Selling with Tenants in Situ

Selling an Occupied Property in Cambridge

Here at Belvoir Cambridge we are pleased to offer a unique solution to landlords who are looking for an exit strategy to their property.

Selling a rental property with tenants in situ is a very beneficial solution to suit all parties.

Benefits to the Vendor

  • There is no need to serve notice to the tenants
  • The vendor will receive rent up until the day of completion
  • Investors may be willing to pay more if they know the property rents well and the property doesn’t need work
  • The property is still appealing to both owner occupiers and investors: if the property is purchased by an owner-occupier, they can give notice once the offer is accepted and in 8 weeks time, when sale completes the property should be vacant for them

Benefits to the Purchaser

  • The purchaser will have a ready made investment with no need to find tenants
  • There are no advertising or tenant find costs
  • The property will come with comprehensive building and letting history (either from the landlord or the agency)
  • As the property is already let, it is a low risk investment
  • If the purchaser bought the property with the intention to live there, it is possible to issue notice to tenants after completion

Belvoir are experienced in selling occupied property successfully. We often match up the property of existing clients to new investors, giving our landlord an easy exit and the investor gains a ready made investment.

We have an extensive database of landlords, investors and owner-occupiers waiting to buy the right property in Peterborough, so we can market directly to the right people.

Whether you a vendor or buyer, we will be there for you to make the selling process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Call Georgina today on 01223 352225 to discuss your selling or buying requirments. 

Selling in Situ Resources

If you are consider selling your rental property with tenants in situ you mnay have questions about the process or you may wonder how other people have found the experience. To help you we have created a collection of useful articles and insightful customer interviews which you can find below.

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