Overseas Landlord Guide

We are more than happy to welcome overseas Landlords; an overseas Landlord is considered as anyone who is living outside of the UK for 6 months or more. As an overseas Landlord however there are a number of areas below that you must consider below letting your property.

  • Paying Tax.

As a non UK resident you would be required to notify HMRC and obtain an approval number. Without this number, we are legally required to retain 20% tax at source, to pass directly to HMRC.

  • Exchange rates

As your property is in the UK your rent will be sent across as GBP, meaning that depending on the exchange rate, your rent may change from month to month if your rent is paid into an overseas bank account. You may also be required to pay additional banking costs.

If you currently live overseas and would like us to act on your behalf, please contact the office so that we can discuss the best way forward for you.