Landlord Guide

Whilst being a Landlord can be very rewarding, there are many factors you must consider, some of these are below.

  • Missed or no payments of rent
  • Malicious damage by the Tenants
  • Emergencies such as fire and floods
  • Furnishing being damaged such as carpets, curtains, blinds
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Additional Tax Costs
  • Unable to evict your Tenants


We will guide you through the best way to mitigate the above risks. Some of benefits of using Belvoir are:

  • Our combined experience and advice
  • Links to Local experts on Tax
  • A dedicated Legal Advice Team
  • A Portfolio of Local Tradespeople
  • Links to Insurance Companies who Specialise in Property Insurance
  • Our Rent Guarantee

You will need to tell the following people that you indent to rent your property.

The Bank – if you have mortgage you will need to ensure that you have permission to rent the property, some lenders will not allow the property to be rented and it is possible that you will need to change your mortgage first. A quick call to them should clarify what you need to do.

Insurance Company – you must make sure that the property is correctly insured and the best way is to talk to a specialist company to help, we can give you the details of some if required.

Everyone else – if you have lived in the property don’t forget to set up mail redirection so that you can inform anybody that writes to you. Once the tenant moves in you cannot go back into the property without their consent, not even to pick up the post!

Having our Fully Managed Service is a great starting point, please contact us today for more information.