How to move to Belvoir

So, if you wish to move agents but are unsure about how to do this, just follow this simple guide on how to navigate you way around moving forward with Belvoir.

Check your current agent’s terms of business for guidance on how to terminate the business agreement (If you are unsure we would be happy to look see what this says). Landlords are usually required to serve notice to their agent, so you must provide the adequate notice period as stated in the business contract. As stated above you may be liable to pay a termination fee to the agent, so ensure you read the business clauses carefully, and seek legal advice if necessary before proceeding. Belvoir will be happy to answer any questions you may have, we have the support of a legal team we can ask anything that could be an issue or need clarification on.

Once you have agreed with the agent when their management ends, inform Belvoir and we will then step in and take over. You should not have to do anything else. Simple!

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, this will carry on with the same conditions. We will update the tenant/s for them to serve a valid notice to end their liability.
  • Belvoir will register the deposit with the TDS so that this is always secure.
  • Yes the Agent should release the file directly to Belvoir with your permission.
  • We will discuss this with you prior to the change of Management, in most cases we are able to help with this maintenance dealing with your contractors, if you wish, seamlessly.
  • Yes, we will need up to date information from the current Agent and then we can help to manage the Tenancy from there.