Cost of Moving House

When you have made the decision to move home, below are some of the costs involved to consider to another rental property.

  • Initial Holding Deposit (1 weeks rent) for the new property along with the total deposit (5 weeks rent) and first month’s rent. If you move home within the same Letting Agent, it is not always possible to transfer your deposit that is already secured.
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning, although Letting Agents are no longer able to insist on a professional clean, it does need to be to a professional standard, this is one of the main causes for deposit claims and disputes, so it is worth considering this at the end of your tenancy.
  • Removals and Storage, depending on the time between you vacating one property and moving into your next home, you may need to consider one or both. For both, you will endure a cost for the initial hire as well as insurances and deposits for any damages.
  • Soft furnishings for the new property. Depending on the property, curtains and on occasions blinds are not always provided. There are many places you can buy these suitable for any budget.
  • Insurances, we offer tenant contents insurance through Let Alliance, on occasions, policy dependants you are not able to move your current policy and therefore you may endure an end of contract fee. It is worthwhile checking your policy to see if this is the case.
  • Early release fees. If you wish to end your tenancy early, within the initial fixed term period, you would be responsible for paying the Landlords Re-Let fee, each Letting Agent will differ.
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