Right To Rent Documents Required

Please note that until these documents have been received your application is on hold. Any delay in providing these documents will result in a delay in moving in to the property and may result in your application being cancelled.


These will be required for each applicant.

Available documents

Group 1 documents in List A permit the holder permanent right to rent in the UK.

Group 2 documents in List A must be shown in a combination of two.

Documents in List B permit the holder to a time-limited right to rent in the UK.


List A (Group 1): Acceptable single documents which show an unlimited right to rent


UK passport

EEA/Swiss national passport/identity card

Registration Certificate or document certifying permanent residence of EEA/Swiss national

EEA/Swiss family member Permanent Residence card

Biometric Residence Permit with unlimited leave

Passport or travel document endorsed with unlimited leave

UK immigration status document endorsed with unlimited leave

A certificate of naturalisation or registration as a British citizen


List A (Group 2): Acceptable document combinations which show an unlimited right to rent (any 2 of the below to be shown in combination)


UK birth or adoption certificate

Full or provisional UK driving license

A letter from HM Prison Service

A letter from a UK Government Department or Local Authority

A letter from National Offender Management Service

Evidence of current or previous service in UK armed forces

A letter from a police force confirming that certain documents have been reported stolen

A letter from a private rented sector access scheme

A letter of attestation from an employer

A letter from a UK further or higher education institution

A letter of attestation from a UK passport holder working in an acceptable profession

Benefits paperwork

Criminal Record Check

List B: Documents which show a time-limited right to rent


A valid passport endorsed with a time-limited period

Biometric immigration document with permission to stay for time-limited period

Non-EEA national residence card

UK immigration status document with a time limited endorsement





Identification and Proofs of Address Required


These will be required for each tenant and guarantor – please make sure your Guarantor is aware, it is your responsibility as the tenant to ensure these documents are provided.

Please provide one item from list A and two items from list B:



If the document you are using as proof does not include a photo – which is essential – then a separate passport style photo must be provided and countersigned by a suitable person. The list of suitable persons is the same as used when applying for a passport and can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/countersigning-passport-applications


Full or Provisional new style driving licence

Current signed Passport

European Economic Association (EEA) ID Card

Resident permit issued to EEA applicant by Home Office

Firearms/shotgun certificate

State Pension or Benefits Book/Notification letter

Sub-Contractors Tax Certificate

Inland Revenue tax notification letter

Credit Card statement

Criminal Records Bureau Certificate

Police Warrant Card

Forces ID Card



Both forms of proof of Address must be dated

within 3 months from date of application. However, if you are using an annual bill as proof this must be dated within 12 months of the application The items below are acceptable:


Utility Bill.

Full or Provisional new style driving licence

Letter from employer, on headed paper, confirming applicant’s home address

Bank/Building Society Statement.

Most recent mortgage statement

Current Local Authority Tax bill

Local authority rent card or tenancy agreement

House or motor insurance certificate

State pension or Benefit notification letter

Credit Card Statement

Criminal Records Bureau Certificate


TV Licence

Student Loan Award Letter

Sky Bill

Inland Revenue Tax notification letter (if not being used as proof of ID)

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