Guidelines for vacating tenants

This document is produced in an effort to avoid any confusion at the time of checking out that may arise with dilapidation’s or the return of deposit monies.

Please read the notes carefully in order to avoid both time and embarrassment when the property is finally inspected.


A DEPOSIT is being held in respect of the premises you currently occupy. At the end of your notice, we advise that you will be personally checked out of the property by a representative of BELVOIR. At that time, the property and contents will be checked against the original Inventory, which you signed at the start of the tenancy.

The following points are given for information and we would advise that we are instructed by our Landlord clients to strictly adhere to the stipulations as detailed below. Leaving the property in good, clean and tidy condition and in accordance with the points listed below will save both time and embarrassment for all parties.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once we have checked the property over, we shall take possession of the keys. You will be unable to return to the property to rectify any dilapidations we may find and monetary deductions will be charged to your deposit as deemed necessary. It is therefore in your own interests to ensure that you read this document thoroughly and leave the property in accordance with these guidelines.

Monetary deductions from your deposit will be made for any of the following: –

  • Nicotine stained ceilings
  • Cigarette burns in carpets and/or soft furnishings
  • Areas of badly scratched, torn or defaced wallpaper/wall coverings
  • Areas of badly chipped skirting board or defaced painted woodwork
  • Excessive oil patches on driveways and/or garage floors


In addition, if the following points have not been carried out to our or your landlords satisfaction, a charge of 15% plus VAT of the total cost of the dilapidations (with a minimum charge of £36 inc VAT) will be made (and deducted from your deposit) for our having to organise maintenance on your behalf:

COOKER. There is only one standard to aim for. The cooker MUST be immaculately clean. Top, sides, back, storage drawer, exterior and interior and ALL accessories should be entirely free of grease, burnt on foods and fats. The grill pan (if any) should be entirely free of crumbs, be thoroughly clean and have no evidence of grease marks or staining.

  • COOKER HOOD / FILTER. The cooker hood must be clean and free from grease and the filter must be replaced with a new one at the end of the tenancy.
  • FRIDGE or FRIDGE/FREEZER. This should be emptied, switched off and defrosted and moved out of position to be cleaned. The exterior and interior door seal should be clean; the door left ajar and the electricity supply switched off.
  • KITCHEN DRAWERS, WORKSURFACES and CUPBOARDS. These should be emptied, washed out with soapy water or thoroughly wiped to be free of dust and other accumulated dirt. All surfaces should be free from streaks, grease and dust. Drawers and shelves to be emptied completely.
  • LIGHT FITTINGS and SOCKETS. Lampshades to be cleaned inside and out where fitted. Switches, cables and plastic covers should be cleaned and free from grease, especially in the kitchen. All light bulbs to be operable, unless otherwise stated on the original inventory.
  • BATHROOM/EN-SUITE. There should be no evidence of lime scale staining to toilet pans or enamel surfaces. All sanitary ware including taps should be thoroughly cleaned. Please use the correct cleaning materials and not scouring pads etc. Drain holes should be clean and tops of shower attachments bright and shiny. Shower curtains should be cleaned and free from mildew or replaced as necessary.
  • CURTAINS (including NETS) and LOOSE CHAIR COVERS. These should be washed and cleaned as required and re-hung/re-positioned properly.
  • CARPETS throughout should be steam-cleaned, shampooed or vacuumed as necessary and loose rugs and mats beaten. This must be supported by receipts from your cleaning company. Recently cleaned carpets may not require further cleaning at the end of the tenancy, in this case a contribution towards future cost will be required.
  • WINDOWS on all floors should be cleaned thoroughly on both the exterior and interior and all windowsills and ledges wiped down and left clean.
  • GARDENS. These should be left weed free with all lawns cut and edged in the proper manner. All lawnmowers should be cleaned and free from accumulated grass etc. All garden waste should be cleared away.
  • DUSTBINS etc. All dustbins should be emptied. Please ensure the rubbish (including garden refuse) has already been cleared away prior to your vacation or left at the front of the property (and not within its boundaries) for collection.
  • GARAGES should be swept out and left tidy and free from leaves and accumulated dirt and debris. All old batteries, oil cans, boxes etc should be disposed of prior to your departure.
  • SHED(S) and GREENHOUSE(S) should be cleared of all personal belongings not listed on the Inventory. Windows should be wiped clean and all accumulated dirt etc swept away. If applicable, all doors should be locked or securely fastened.
  • PETS – If pets have been kept at the premises all carpets must be professionally cleaned and fumigated and a receipt produced to our agent at time of move out.



All extending tables to be fully extended

All Kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery, pots and pans to be left on the work surface for inspection

The property must be left secure with all windows closed and doors (including garage, shed an outbuildings as appropriate) locked.

ALL keys should be handed to us.  Do not leave keys in the property.

We strongly recommend that you have your post re-directed by the Royal Mail as the property may be empty for a time and not visited. Ingoing tenants are not obliged to forward mail on to you and Belvoir does not take the responsibility of forwarding mail. Any mail received in the property after tenants have vacated will be returned to sender.

It is your responsibility as a tenant to ensure that ALL the relevant Authorities are informed of your leaving and that all meters are read and final accounts paid. We will require evidence that all accounts have been paid by asking for receipted final accounts before releasing deposit monies.



Once you have returned the keys to us, you are deemed to have left the property and taken all belongings with you. Any furniture, clothing or other goods remaining in the property and not listed on the Inventory will be disposed of. Should we need outside contractors and/or a vehicle or skip to remove rubbish, boxes or goods left behind, payment for this service, which will include an administration charge, will be deducted from your deposit.

You may like to consider engaging a reputable cleaning firm to ensure you leave the property to the standard required these details can be found here

We hope that you find these guidelines useful in helping to ensure that all is in order and that we may return your deposit in full and as timely as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact Belvoir if you would like to discuss any point in more detail.

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