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bedroom with bed in front of the green wall, 3d render

2-Bed or 3-Bed Portsmouth Homes: Which Sells the Fastest?

Understanding the nuances of property sales is essential for both homeowners and investors in the dynamic Portsmouth property market.

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An illustrative concept of the housing market showcasing residential properties, real estate investment growth, and the potential for profit in a thriving property market.

Portsmouth Q1 2024 Property Market Report

In the articles on the Portsmouth property market, we like to provide an insight into the real story of what is happening in our Portsmouth (and national) property market and address the misconceptions that some of the ‘doom monger’ media have been spreading.

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House model on sale keys on the rental agreement or the buy home contracts with the estate property background.

The Portsmouth Property Market Report for March 2024

As a practised estate and letting agent based in Portsmouth, I like to monitor the Portsmouth property market, compare it to the UK property market, and then share it with Portsmouth homeowners and landlords.

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adult hands key to child

Portsmouth’s £3.85 Billion Inheritance from Baby Boomers Won't Save Gen X and Millennials

Many Portsmouth people I talk to in their late 30s to late 40s are relying on the inheritance from their Baby boomer generation parents to help them in their home buying and retirement future.

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71 Days to Sell a Property in Portsmouth

Whether you are a Portsmouth landlord looking to liquidate your buy-to-let investment or a Portsmouth homeowner looking to sell your home, finding a buyer and then getting the legal work done can take a frustratingly long time.

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Young tired girl feeling fatigue on hard moving out day, sleeping woman with heap of moving boxes sitting on in floor house

Portsmouth's Restless Homeowners: The 5 Year 13 Week Itch in the Portsmouth Housing Market

There are 28.4m households in Britain, of which 17,693,200 are owned, worth a total of £5,127,807,837,600 (£5.1 trillion). When you add all the private rented homes and council houses, that figure reaches just over £8.5 trillion!

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41.1% of Portsmouth households are 3-bedroom homes. Is that enough?

As an estate and letting agent with a keen eye on local Portsmouth property trends, it becomes imperative to delve into the nuanced landscape of property types, mainly through the lens of bedroom distribution across various tenures.

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The Future of the Portsmouth Buy-to-Let Market in 2024

The UK's property market is facing a significant challenge as the availability of homes for rent has plummeted to its lowest level in five years, exacerbating the difficulties tenants face in finding affordable accommodation.

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Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Portsmouth Home in 2024

Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Portsmouth Home in 2024

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A Decade of Transformation- Portsmouth Rental Market Evolution

A Decade of Transformation: Portsmouth Rental Market Evolution

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2024 new year target home loan trends. Businessman hold model house and wood blocks word LOAN.

House Sales Up 14.8% on 2023 as Mortgage Rates Fall

The number of agreed UK property sales until the last Sunday of January (28th) is 8.35% higher than a year ago. Tumbling mortgage costs have encouraged buyers and sellers to return to the property market.

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Portsmouth’s Property Pulse

Portsmouth’s Property Pulse: A Snapshot of the Last 12 Months Property Market

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