Portfolio Investments/ Project Management

Regardless of the size of your investment portfolio (number of rental properties), Belvoir Portsmouth realises that every Landlord needs a plan of action. By working with Belvoir Portsmouth, you will be utilizing our systematic plan for your property that keeps you out of the undesirable aspects and duties of management whilst also protecting your rental properties.

When handling a large scale investment portfolio of rental homes, you are more susceptible to the unpleasantries that can arise from your venture. You need a management partner to oversee the day to day operation and take care of business on your behalf. When you have Belvoir Portsmouth Lettings and Property Management on your side to manage your property, you can rest assured that we will handle these issues with efficiency and expertise.

Making money on investment properties also relies on collecting rent payments in a timely manner. As Investors, putting yourself in a situation where you have invested in a portfolio of rental properties, you now have to worry about the rent and maintenance and have the pressure to keep your properties occupied. With these issues and new investments surely on your mind, mistakes can be made, resulting in tenant loss.

If you’re considering becoming a property investor, our efficient management team can help you maximise the return on your investment property.

We can help you unlock the ‘trapped asset value’ of your property through property development.

We can help you find the right property for you.

Either way we will take care of all the time consuming and difficult tasks to ensure you get the profitable project you want with the minimum of fuss.

As your managing agent, Belvoir Portsmouth can;

  • Find the right property in the right location to meet your objectives
  • Evaluate town planning and development issues
  • Assists with negotiations to buy the proeprty
  • Obtains building quotes
  • Appoint a builder on favourable contractual terms, checks all contractual arrangements and oversees the construction from start to finish
  • Source competitive finance for purchase and refurbisment
  • Provide internal and external decoration services
  • Keeps you updated every step of the way and most importantly removes the day to day worries of running a refurbishment
  • Don’t let the weight of property prevent you from moving on to the next profitable investment