Home Match Maker. Take Our Quiz!

Find your perfect home with our matchmaking quiz! Simply answer the questions below to discover which property type best suits you.

1/ How Would Best Describe Your Interior Style?

A- Fun, quirky and full of character
B- Stylish, elegant and a lover of natural light
C- Simple, neutral palette and clutter free

2/ When Viewing A House, What Do You Look For?

A- Unique features
B- Open plan living
C- Architectural elements

3/ How Would You Add Warmth To Your Home?

A- Cosy lamps and scented candles
B- Natural sunlight
C- Warming textures within accessories such as rugs and cushions

4/ What Would Be The Perfect Location For You To Buy A House In?

A- Quiet and quaint little village
B- Big lights in the city
C- Sophisticated town

5/ A Front Door Can Speak A Thousand Words, What Would Yours Look Like?

A- Rustic with a unique door knocker
B- Simple with a spy hole
C- Grey and slick with a T- bar long handle

Mostly A…

Character Cottage
Your unique design helps you to stand out from the rest. Quirky objects and features are a must when it comes to your interior design and the odd low door frame or wonky light switch won’t phase you as these add to the character of your home. You appreciate each room in the house and help to define their qualities with individual touches. Bright lights are a no go as you much prefer softer lighting such as cosy lamps or scented candles.

Mostly B…

High Rise Apartment
You like to feel on top of the world. Being stylish and elegant is your forte and this shines through to your living space. You’re a lover of natural light and open plan living, and you aren’t shy of a gadget or 2- you can always count on Alexa and your Nespresso coffee machine to help you start the day. If you had to choose between getting the lift or the stairs… the lift would win every time, being at the top is exhausting.

Mostly C…

Modern House
If it isn’t new then it isn’t you. Your modern home design emphasises clean lines and geometric shapes, say no more to unique features. You like to keep your home simple and clutter free, each of your items has their own space and are placed to perfection. You’re a lover of neutrals and use texture to add warmth to your home and show off the unique architectural elements- you love a large feature window!