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Waterlooville | Landlords

There is rarely a shortage of demand for good quality housing in Portsmouth, as such, we nearly always need new properties for waiting tenants.

If you are thinking of letting your property we can help with,

  • Finding you a tenant
  • Referencing
  • Drawing up of legal documents
  • Managing the tenancy
  • Collecting rent payments
  • Conducting regular inspections
  • Providing an inventory
  • Registering the deposit
  • Buy-To-Let Advice
  • Assisting with problematic tenants
  • Court attendance
  • Serving of Legal notices

We would be delighted to meet with you at your home or your property, in our office or discuss the above options by phone on 023 9225 0064 or by email at waterlooville@belvoir.co.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Scale of Charges

We do not charge any fees upfront

Service Options

Introduction Only: £ 250.00 (inc VAT) payable for each letting where The Tenant is introduced by The Agent. This will be invoiced and payable on The Tenant details being accepted by The Landlord.

Let Only: 60% of one month’s rent (inc VAT) with a minimum charge of £420.00 (inc VAT) payable for each letting to a tenant introduced by The Agent. Payable on commencement of a tenancy and deducted from the rent collected at the commencement of a tenancy.

Letting and Rent Collection: Start-up fee of £360.00 (inc VAT) plus 10% (plus VAT) of the rent, deducted from the rent as received.

Full Management: Start-up fee of £360.00 (inc VAT) plus 14% (plus VAT) of the rent, deducted from the rent as received.

Other Charges

  • Inventory preparation fee: £ Upwards of £90.00 (inc VAT)

Admin involved in the Tenancy

  • Deposit Protection legislation: £30.00 (inc VAT)
  • Preparation of paperwork for
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution £120.00 (inc VAT)
  • Duplicate Statements: £6.00 (inc VAT) per copy provided
  • Insurance claim handling fee: 10% plus VAT of cost of works before VAT
  • Professional hourly rate £60 (inc VAT) per hour
  • Re-signing fee: £102.00 (inc VAT) payable where The Agent, with your agreement, arranges a renewal of tenancy to an existing tenant
  • Void management fee: £50.00 (inc VAT) per week payable four weekly in advance of requirement

Post Letting Service

(Inclusive with our “Full Management” service)

  • Tenant move out: £120.00 (inc VAT)
  • Void property inspections £ 60.00 (inc VAT)
  • Arrangement of Safety Certificates £30.00 (inc VAT)
  • Serving of notices (8,13,21,48) £60.00 (inc VAT)

All prices subject to change after two months’ written notice


In the case of Full Management or Letting and Rent Collection service, this agreement will remain in force until the cessation of the tenant. This agreement can be terminated by either party with one month’s written notice during vacant periods.

Termination of this agreement during the term of the tenant would incur a termination fee equal to 2 x the monthly rent paid.

Where applicable charges are subject to the current rate of VAT

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