Rent Guarantee for Landlords in Northwich & Congleton

Protecting your asset against payment default by the Tenant

Belvoir Lettings is able to protect your rental income in the event that the tenant stops paying the rent for whatever reason, whether it be job loss, accident, sickness or relationship breakdown to name some examples. You may have seen the TV programmes where tenants have owed landlords thousands in unpaid rent and then decide to leave unexpectedly. This can and does happen in reality but thankfully this product guards against this scenario.

Rent arrears can bring misery for landlords in terms of the financial implications and emotional stress but with this product the worry is completely taken away.

Cover is just 4%+ VAT which is a really small price to pay for total peace of mind.

Here's some frequently asked questions

A: It covers rent arrears and all associated legal costs and court fees to gain repossession of the property should the tenant default

A: No, usually there is with cover like this but not with this product

A: The policy will start paying your rent after 30 days of falling into arrears. With some products out there you have to wait anything up to 2 months to start seeing that lost income being replaced

A: The process can take anything up to 18 months depending on how busy the Courts are.  The policy will continue to pay the rent up to the point of getting vacant possession of the property. If you didn’t have any cover in place this is how long you could expect to be without rent, plus the hefty legal fees that solicitors will charge.  With Belvoir’s policy this is all taken care of.

A: Although Belvoir conducts comprehensive checks on all tenants there’s no crystal ball to determine what will happen in the future. Job redundancies are still commonplace and can happen to anyone, people can have accidents rendering them unable to work (with no income coming in to the household) and unfortunately relationships can break down. Mental health of tenants is a factor as well; they could seem the perfect tenant and be looking after the property really well but life’s stresses and strains can incapacitate them meaning they have to take time off work and potentially get themselves into financial difficulty…suddenly paying the rent becomes less of a priority. With this product in place it helps to deal with the situation sensitively so there is no disruption to what was a good relationship.

Read what our customers say...

I used Belvoir’s Rent guarantee insurance. It saved me £7,954.75 A nightmare tenant did not pay their rent, council tax, electric, gas or water for over 10 months. Although they were still working full time as a HR manager throughout the lockdown, they played the system for financial gain. I was able to claim rent arrears of £5,954.75 and legal costs of £1,950.00 to get them evicted. Thank goodness for the insurance- Mark N, Dec 2020. 

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