Top Tips For Moving Home & Useful Information On Utilities 

Before you move

  • Start to use up any food in your freezer in advance
  • Arrange the utilities in your new home – gas, electricity, broadband, telephone. Don’t forget to shop around for the best deal
  • If you’re planning to have TV and broadband services, check whether you can move your current provider to your new property.  Again, don’t forget to shop around to be sure you’re getting the best deals
  • Arrange your contents insurance for your new home – Let Alliance can help with this and Belvoir can ensure you have these details
  • Change your address with your bank, DVLA, HMRC, TV Licensing, credit cards etc.
  • Arrange for your mail to be redirected
  • Let your current council know you’re moving
  • Let friends and family know about your change of address
  • Sort out care for your children and pets on moving day (if necessary)
  • If you’re renting, take detailed photos of each room and area, covering any wear and tear you’re concerned might cause issues with your deposit
  • Defrost your freezer


Once your moved in

  • Update the electoral register
  • Update HMRC / Inland Revenue
  • Make sure to update your address with the DVLA  for both your driving license and your car registration log book
  • Update your bank
  • Register with a doctor, dentist and optician (if necessary)
  • Inform TV Licensing
  • Update any credit commitments i.e. loan providers, credit cards, store cards
  • Update any insurers i.e. car, (of course, home), pet and any others such as pension providers
  • Tell your employer, don’t assume they know you’ve moved!
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Registering with a utility company

Before registering with your chosen utilities at your new address, make sure to inform the providers you may have had at your former address

Let the companies know you are moving at least 48 hours before you move.

Check if any cancellation fees apply (some suppliers will waive this as you are moving home)

Take meter readings on the day you move out and pass these to the relevant providers

Consider if you want to take your current tariff to your new home – but be sure to do a comparison first to find the best deal

Inform them of your new address – so they can send you the bill for the final accounts, which you need to pay, of course, or risk prosecution

When you move in, your electricity, gas and water supplies should all be working. The energy will be supplied to your property by the energy provider that the previous tenants or your landlord has chosen. In most cases we will let you know prior to moving in who the current provider at the property is.  You are not in a contract with this provider and can switch to any provider of your choice. You must register your details & set up an account with your chosen provider as soon as possible.  Your new provider will notify the current provider of the switch.

Pre-payment meters are electricity or gas meters that are operated by adding credit, usually in the form of a top-up key or card or in some cases an app. You can tell if it’s a pre-payment meter as the screen will display a balance.

You can top up these meters at a Pay Point location or via your app. You pay in advance of the energy that you consume and if you run out of credit during the day, the meter will disconnect. If the meter runs out of credit during the night (10pm – 6am) the supply will work until the morning.

Paying for electricity or gas via a prepayment meter is traditionally more expensive, however, there are suppliers that will switch your prepayment meter to a credit meter or even a smart meter for free!

If you have a debt on the meter, shown by a negative balance, you should contact your utility provider straight away. They can reset this debt using a ‘reset code’ which usually takes 1 hour and can be obtained from a local Pay Point location.

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