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All estate agents look the same so how do you choose?

It's simple. You need your sale to complete so that money is in your pocket and you can actually move. Never mind our professional photographs, premium listings or 3-dimensional floorplans as standard or aerial photography for that added extra, what makes Belvoir Stoke stand out is that our MD is a trained solicitor and landlord. She understands houses inside out and once yours is "sold subject to contract", she will proactively chase solicitors to drive it to completion.

With approximately 30% of sales falling through after agents have "agreed a sale", why would you want to leave the rest to chance? We have excellent mortgage partners to solve buyer's mortgage problems. We have a strong lettings department with excellent property managers and tradesmen to solve any repair problem. Best of all, we are not bound by the same code of ethics that solicitors are bound to that prevent them speaking to the buyer directly. Rather than wait for your solicitor to chase the other solicitor to chase the buyer, we will speak to the buyer directly to calm any fears and move the sale along. After all, we build a rapport with the buyers from day one so they trust us. From the time they call our office and during the viewing, we don't just open the door and stand there. We get to know the buyers. So later when the sale is going through, why would they not trust us to help them?

The end result is a higher rate of completion. That is what makes us stand out above the rest. Honesty, integrity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Browse our "Step by Step Guide" tab to see how to sell with us.

Also see our recent sales completions and how we worked hard to solve problems and take the sale to completion.