Where does your property sit in the Cambridge property market?

Knowing the true value of your property allows you to make confident financial decisions about either selling or staying put. Here is some advice on the Cambridge property market.

Cambridge is a place of historical and cultural riches. But how does it fare in terms of property? Perhaps not surprisingly, our beautiful university city commands a fair sum for its buildings. Yet there’s a wide diversity in both suburbs and type of property available. But how do you fare as a Cambridge homeowner? There could be more potential profit within your bricks and mortar investment than you realise.

Firstly, as you’re almost certainly aware, the Cambridge property market is both buoyant and lucrative. Demand outstrips supply. That’s incredibly effective at keeping prices relatively high.

Transport links

With an abundance of commuters to the capital, Cambridge is home to the prosperous. High spec and modern convenience with easy access to out-of-town travel routes are priorities high on the list of those seeking property. With the huge £1.5 billion A14 to Huntingdon upgrades underway, it’s broadening the horizon and prospects for anyone within short driving distance.

Additionally, and in conjunction with the above improvements, the Cambridge Guided Busway (or just The Busway as we know it) is a huge boon for the town’s real estate fortunes. The world’s longest such transport, its wide catchment area and geographical reach is a roaring beacon for home-hungry buyers demanding simple, reliable travel routes on their doorstep.

Knowledge is power  

But what of the properties not within this transport catchment area? The homes that take a little more effort to get to – would they stand to see their value drop? What about the other challenges that are unique to the Cambridge property market? Well, you can still take advantage of a healthy housing market that’s on the rise. What you need, however, is an agent that understands the local market enough to know how to position your property to overcome the local challenges. An agent confident in seeking out the right buyers for the right property. To wring out every last penny of a home’s worth for its top market value.

That’s where we come in.

We know Cambridge. We understand the local homes, the local economy and the local people. We won’t overestimate a price to procure a client; we’ll give realistic and achievable evaluations that maximise a home’s worth without pricing it out of the market. We’re au fait with the city’s suburbs and spires and confident that our local knowledge stands us in great stead to navigate the needs of homeowners and buyers alike. There’s a great advantage to being an integral and active part of the city’s beating heart. Feeling the pulse of a people and place can be a priceless commodity when you’re seeking to put a price on people’s homes.

It helps that we know well the brand new builds of developments such as those of Northstowe and North West Cambridgeshire. We’re in a position to determine the economical knock-on effects of expansion and how best to benefit from that. We can also advise on how to capitalise on the burgeoning popularity of the vibrant digital hub Silicon Fen.

How about a free, no-obligation valuation?

See for yourself how your Cambridgeshire area stands and call us to discuss how to market your home. We can arrange a free, reliable valuation and arm you with the knowledge you need to make smart, confident financial decisions. Even if you’re not thinking of selling it’s still worth arranging a valuation. It’s always worth keeping track of where you stand financially.

Georgina Gray 
Sales Manager
01223 352225

Georgina Gray is Belvoir Cambridge’s Sales Manager. With close to 10 years experience of working in the Cambridge property market, Georgina understands all of the unique advantages of this historic city and is passionate about helping vendors and buyers alike. If you’re thinking of selling your home here in Cambridge then give her a call for a free no-obligation valuation