'Tenant Evictions A Lengthy Battle' Claim Belvoir Lettings Agency Cambridge

In light of recent news reports that a landlord took six months to evict a nuisance tenant after his property was left vandalized almost beyond repair, Luke Clarke of Belvoir Cambridge, the leading letting agents in Cambridge has hit out at information being given to tenants labelling it a ‘disgrace’.

News stories, typically of landlords who spend thousands of pounds renovating their property, before renting it out. The nightmare tenants pull up the carpets, smash the windows and the rip out the kitchen. For the landlord it is often a lengthy court battle to get justice for their ordeal.

Luke Clarke from Belvoir Cambridge, which specialises in providing houses and flats to rent in Cambridge said: “These cases are not isolated incidents, and I have heard of much worse in recent months.”

“I have over 9 year’s experience in the lettings industry, and this is an issue which comes up far too frequently. One Cambridge landlord told us that a non paying tenant sought advice from a leading ‘help’ organisation and was told that if they could not pay their rent to stay inside the property as it can take six months for a landlord or court to get an eviction.  The tenant was told that by that time, they may go straight to the top of the housing list.  It is a disgrace that tenants are being told this and in the meantime it is the landlord that incurs all the costs.

“It is shocking how tenant protection is taken much more seriously than that of the residential landlord, and landlords who are not adequately protected or those who do not use a reputable lettings agent could find themselves seriously out of pocket.”

Luke, whose lettings agency helps those wanting to rent property in Cambridge, continued: “It is absolutely vital that all landlords thoroughly reference their tenants but even that will not protect them if a tenant loses their job for example. At Belvoir Cambridge we have been able to keep our rental arrears extremely low compared to the national average and part of this is down to our excellent tenant checks.  In addition, we rarely need to go to court for evictions as we manage the process closely.”

It is also recommended that all of landlords then purchase Rent default and legal expense Insurance, as a back up. This covers the landlord against non-paying tenants if they were to lose their jobs unexpectedly, partner separation or if they were to fall ill, causing them to default.  This form of protection is designed to cover the landlord against any possible arrears until vacant possession is obtained, and it also covers any legal expenses as a result of a tenant breaching the tenancy agreement.

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