Selecting a Letting Agent in Cambridge

The first question Terry Lucking multi award winning franchise owner of the leading letting agent in Cambridge so often hears landlords ask relates to “how much are your fees?”

Terry urges landlords searching for a Cambridge letting agent should not make the decision based on fees alone. A 1% difference between one agent and another can be as little as £120 a year (based on average rent and vat).

Your letting agent should be seen as a partner helping you manage and protect your asset(s). Based on the average ownership of a rented house being in excess of 10 years your letting agent is likely to handle over £120,000 in rent and be involved in distributing around £15,000 of damage deposit monies.

In Terry’s opinion landlords searching for a letting agent in Cambridge should investigate a lot more points than just management fees such as:

  • does the agent you are considering have the resource to answer all calls emails and enquiries?
  • how the agent will protect landlords against tenants who fail to pay rent?
  • how the agent will protect landlords when tenants dispute damages they’ve caused?
  • how will maintenance reports be handled to decide if they are the landlords or tenants responsibility?
  • how penetrating is the agents advertising?
  • is the agent you are considering instructing solvent and financially reliable?

Belvoir Lettings prides its self for being able to manage all of these issues to highest level and save their clients potentially £,000’s of lost revenue over the ownership of the property. Get any of these points wrong and it will result in landlord losing a lot more than £86 a year.

Demand for rented accommodation by financially secure tenants in Cambridge is high and supply is short. Anyone thinking about letting a property or buying to let can contact Terry for free information about where to buy and how to prepare;

Terry Lucking of Belvoir Lettings Agency Cambridge recommends investors to take advice from a qualified sources only. Terry believes anyone or business benefiting from the sale or introduction of a property to an investor is not able to offer unbiased advice as they are being influenced by other factors and not putting your interests first.

Would you buy a holiday from a travel agent who is not a member of ABTA? Terry recommends you only instruct a letting agent who is a member of ARLA. For more information contact Belvoir Lettings one of the leading letting agents in Cambridge . Terry Lucking offers free advice and free property visits to all investors who are considering buying. For more information or to ask Terry a question send an email to