Property Lettings In Cambridge; Notice Periods & How To Avoid Voids

Void periods can become a nightmare for landlords. If their property becomes available for relet at the wrong time it can sit empty with no rent for weeks!

Difficult times such as Christmas and periods of oversupply mean it can take up to 3 times as long to rent some houses in certain areas! Thankfully Belvoir Cambridge has a solution to save landlords time, money and stress!

Tenant’s using Belvoir’s rental agreement must give the landlord at least 60 days written notice to end their agreement. The industry standard is one month on rents paid monthly. However Belvoir Lettings Agency Cambridge provides landlords with more time to find suitable tenants. In Cambridge it can take up to 4 weeks to find suitable tenants; and assuming they have an existing property then they normally have to give their current agent 1 months notice.

If the required notice period was a month, this would undoubtedly mean there would be a void; thankfully with the 60 days notice there is over a month left which normally means the new tenants can move in within a week!

Taking into account the average rent in Cambridge this could save landlords £1600 per year!

Luke Clarke, Lettings Manger from Belvoir Cambridge adds “Many landlords are reluctant to reduce monthly rents when the void is approaching, what some don’t realise is that they would be financially better off accepting £50 a month less for six months than waiting for the full asking price. It can be a tricky one for landlords to get their heads round as lowering the rent shouldn’t generate more income – but it does!”

Belvoir Cambridge also understands the importance of quality marketing details.

Prospective tenants want to view as much of the property before they arrange a visit. This is why Belvoir Lettings Cambridge uses walk thru movies in it Cambridge rental property pages. In addition digital photographs, floor plans with room measurements are included as standard; at no additional cost to the landlord. Our walks thru movies are hosted on YouTube and have been viewed thousands of times from people all over the world.  This gives people the opportunity to view the property without physically going and viewing it – this helps secure lets even faster as people can use IT (including Google Street View) to view the immediate and surrounding location before hopping in the car. This saves the viewer time and money.

We advertise over 50 different websites and invest heavily into Google paid listings and well as search engine optimisation; this ensures Belvoir Lettings Cambridge is always found well for lettings in Cambridge which allows us to let you property fast.

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