New Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Rules: November 2021

On 23rd of November 2021, the government announced to extend the rules for domestic smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in all rented accommodation across England.

What Does This Mean For Landlords?

The new regulations will mean that alongside smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms must be fitted in all private rental properties with fixed appliances such as gas boilers or fires by law. It also requires that Landlords, or their acting Agents, must repair or replace smoke and carbon monoxide alarms once they have been informed of a fault.

A carbon monoxide alarm will also be mandatory upon installation of any new heating appliance or in rooms with a fixed combustion appliance (excluding gas cookers) in both private and social rented homes.

What Does This Mean For Tenants?

These new regulations will contribute to reducing fire and carbon monoxide causalities and fatalities by offering greater protection in both private and social rented homes.

Testing of these appliances throughout the duration of a tenancy will remain the resident’s responsibility including changing batteries if the device is battery-operated. However, some Agents and/or Landlords may test alarms before the start of a tenancy or during mid-term inspections.

“The revisions to the smoke and carbon monoxide detector regulations are seen to be an improvement to the tenants safety. The changes are coming very soon and we have agreements in place with our trusted installers to offer excellent value installs before the rush to fulfil the new legislation causes price rises and shortages – contact us now for advice on the regulations.”

– Stuart Bradley, Branch Manager Belvoir Cambridge

These changes will be brought forward through the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 and the statutory guidance (Approved Document J) supporting Part J of the Building Regulations. Information provided by Propertymark here.