Cambridge - Up and coming Hot Spot for Commuters

The proposed new high speed rail line could mean that Cambridge commuters could reach London in less than half the time it currently takes and they could travel to Scotland in less than two hours.

With Cambridge’s large student and professional housing markets it could prove to have a huge economical effect on the Cambridgeshire Housing Market.

With rental properties already flying off the shelf within 48-72 hours of becoming available. The market could sky rocket and Cambridge could see a large influx of property developers looking to expand Cambridge out towards the out lying villages.

Tenant demand is hitting an all time high with the help of the Anglian Ruskin University gaining 400 new student places for the 2010/2011 term.

Cambridge’s large science parks and industrial areas are also re-locating specialists from around the globe to help expand their own businesses.

If the High speed rail link opened up travel between London and Scotland, Cambridge would give rise to the possibility of expanding the air links to the city, by a building a commercial airport.

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