Utilities, Approved Partners & Insurances

We have a number of approved partnerships that can assist with every aspect of your Tenancy.

Book Valuation

Let Alliance

Let Alliance is the referencing company we use, you will initially have experience with this company at the application stage. Let Alliance are also able to offer several different insurances, please click on the link below that will take you to the insurances Let Alliance are able to offer.


Let Alliance CMYK Logo

One Utility Bill

One Utility Bill will call a week or so before your move in to inform of the current utility suppliers as well as discussing the broadband option local to your new address albeit they are not local so please keep an eye out for an 0191 number. You are able to discuss with them any questions you may have in regards to the utilities.


Deposit Protection Service (DPS)

It is now legal requirement to secure all deposits, we at Belvoir use the DPS. Once you have moved into the property, we will secure the monies and have 30 days to do this. We endeavour to do this usually the next working day. The deposit is kept with the DPS throughout the duration of the entire tenancy. Only once the tenancy has ended would we release this back to you.

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