Selling a Buy To Let in Haywards Heath

Selling you buy to let property can prove to be complicated at times, especially if there is a tenant in situ. Fortunately, we have extensive experience in this field, having successfully sold numerous Buy to Lets in Brighton & Hove. We can take the pressure of yourself and deal with tenant communication whilst also ensuring that your property reaches the right audience.

If you’re planning to sell your property without sitting tenants, you may be on the path to securing a higher selling price as it means the property is now available to normal residential buyers. However, you must follow the correct procedures when evicting tenants. Recognizing that many people prefer not to handle this aspect, we are more than happy to assist, ensuring a smooth process for you

Are there any benefits to selling my investment with the tenant?

  • There will be no void period so you as the landlord will receive the rental income up until completion.
  • A tenant already in situ makes the property more attractive to investors it means they don’t have to look for a new tenant and can start receiving a return on their investment as soon as it completes.
  • Selling to other investors usually results in a quicker sale.
  • The tenants get to remain in their property and will have their tenancy agreement updated.
  • We have a large database of landlords that are actively looking for new investments and with over 500 landlords under our management, there is many that are always looking to expand their portfolio.

We will always make sure to…

  • Notify the tenant at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled viewing.
  • Obtain the tenant’s consent before arranging any viewing appointments.
  • Scheduling block viewings to minimize disturbances.
  • Ideally, coordinate the completion date around a rent payment date for convenience, eliminating the need to divide rent between the seller and buyer. However, if this is not possible, we will ensure the accurate amount of rent is credited to both parties.


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