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When individuals are in the market to purchase a house, they often invest in a lifestyle, so showcase your home life at its finest. Applying a fresh coat of paint is a solid initial step but avoid the common pitfall of opting for an all-white palette. Instead, introduce a splash of colour to convey personality, or stick to neutral tones known to attract potential buyers. It might be challenging, but detachment from personal preferences is essential; what appeals to you, like quirky wallpaper, might not resonate with others. Striking the right balance is key!

Next, assess your curb appeal. Over 68% of homeowners emphasize the importance of curb appeal, so concentrate on sprucing up the garden, repainting doors, and windows, and decluttering the driveway. With the growing interest in outdoor spaces, eliminating weeds, revitalising tired grass, and adding outdoor decorations have become more crucial than ever.

Have you considered enhancing your home’s value to boost the selling price? Studies reveal that a 4-bedroom home with an ensuite to the master bedroom is valued £10,000 more than one without. Additionally, houses with extensions or loft conversions can add 23% to their total value. For a cost-effective option, consider investing in double glazing, which offers energy efficiency, noise reduction, and easier maintenance. However, be mindful that original windows in a period property may increase its value, so thorough research is advisable!

The next step is getting your house on the market. This involves us visiting the property to obtain accurate measurements for floorplans and notes to craft a description.

The focus then shifts to capturing perfect images that showcase your home’s character and highlight its potential for prospective buyers. 360-degree walkthroughs provide viewers with a real sense of how they would use and live in the home.


Flexibility with viewings accelerates the selling process. Accommodate potential buyers as much as possible and communicate your expectations clearly to your professional estate agent in Haywards Heath And Burgess Hill based on your personal circumstances.

A helpful approach to seeing your home with fresh eyes is to invite a friend who will provide constructive feedback. When guiding them through the living area, ensure natural daylight floods in by pulling back curtains and remove any items blocking the light. Open windows regularly for fresh air and eliminate lingering odours.

Pay special attention to bathrooms, making them look presentable by stowing away toiletries and replacing them with clean towels for a spotless appearance. Opening windows to clear excess moisture and renewing old sealant are also advisable.

Pets should be a consideration. Not everyone shares a love for animals, so arrange for a neighbour to care for them during viewings to avoid unsettling or distracting potential buyers.

If you receive offers that are 5-10% lower than the asking price; this is common and should be factored into your pricing strategy.

When accepting an offer, scrutinise the buyer’s financial position. Have they sold their current home, is their mortgage approved, or is this still pending? A cash buyer is in the best position for a quicker and smoother process.

Consider the prospective buyer’s timeline. If they are first-time buyers, assess their flexibility with move-in dates before finalizing any plans. It’s also crucial to inquire about their position in a property chain.

Lastly, don’t forget your own circumstances when making decisions; ultimately, the choice is yours to make.


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