Tenant Liability Insurance in Brighton & Hove


During a tenancy, we know that accidents can happen. As such, we work with Let Alliance who are able to help provide specialist insurance specifically for tenants. This can help prevent any issues at the end of the tenancy, reduce the need for the time-consuming disputes at the end of the tenancy and reduce expense from your side.

This insurance will protect you against any damage caused to the landlord’s property, fixtures, fittings and furniture. This means, that should you accidentally spill red wine on the carpet, you can claim on your insurance and have the carpet replaced, which will then protect your deposit. For a very competitive monthly fee, which can be paid by direct debit, Tenant Liability Insurance, provides you with peace of mind.

How does tenancy liability insurance work?

  • Nil excess
  • £5,000 cover level
  • Monthly policy
  • Policy underwritten by UK General Insurance LTD
  • Accidental cover to landlord’s household goods
  • Accidental cover to Landlord’s non-permanent fixture and fittings i.e. carpets and curtains

We strongly recommend making sure you have insurance cover in place and would be happy to discuss this with you directly.

Alternatively, you can contact Let Alliance directly:

Contact the Brighton and Hove Team

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