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Ever found yourself standing in your rental property staring in disbelief at the way the last ten...

Ever found yourself standing in your rental property staring in disbelief at the way the last tenant has left it? No inventory, no pictures, no written details on how the property looked previously and six months later you find the walls black with mould, carpets stained throughout and ruined furniture. There’s a very slim chance of you getting any money from the deposit to amend the damage!

Landlords who manage their own properties can occasionally come up against a hurdle like this; they may not have a photographic inventory of the property, nor any images to prove exactly how the property looked prior to the tenant moving in. Some landlords don’t even list the furniture they provide in a fully furnished property. When it comes to the end of a tenancy, this can cause an abundance of issues for a self-managed landlord.

Consulting an agent about a fully managed service can save a landlord from a world of trouble and expensive repairs at the end of a tenancy. Here at Belvoir we provide the finest service possible to ensure that your property is cared for throughout the tenancy. We use the best software to carry out full photographic inventories before a tenant takes residence in the property. Not only that but we also carry out periodic property inspections where one of our team will visit the property and certify that it is kept in the best condition possible whilst the tenant is there.

At the end of a tenancy we will carry out an accompanied check out where we will inform tenants about any work that may be needed so that we can confirm the property will be left in the best condition, meaning no hefty re-decorating and no lengthy dispute over the deposit!

If you would like to speak to someone in our office about our Managed Service please do not hesitate to contact us on 01260 272737 or



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