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homes in the future

What Will the Homes of 2050 Look Like?

The report, fittingly called Futurology: The New Home in 2050, makes for fascinating reading.

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Belvoir Should You Buy Your Rental Property Using a Limited Company (730 × 487px)

Should You Buy Your Rental Property Using a Limited Company?

So, what should you do? Should you buy a rental property in your personal name or via a limited company?

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save on fuel bills

How Cardiff & Pontypridd Residents Can Save on Energy Costs

Here are some ways to claw back some cash on your heating bills and help the environment at the same time.

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selling due to divorce

Selling Your Property Due to a Divorce

Spare a thought then for people who sell their home when their long-term relationship ends. They find themselves dealing with two of life’s most challenging moments

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home trends

What Home Trends Can we Expect in 2022?

Below are five trends that style and design experts are predicting will become a hit in our homes next year.

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Rent Guarantors image

A Guide to Rent Guarantors for Cardif and Pontypridd Landlords

While some agreements only cover unpaid rent, others will also cover things like damage to the property.

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Belvoir Common Reasons Some Properties Can’t Be Mortgaged

Six Reasons why a Property is Unmortgageable

‘Unmortgageable’ means lenders won’t allow a potential buyer to borrow the money they need to buy a property. For many sellers, this can be a knockout blow

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estate agent contracts

How Cardiff and Pontypridd Sellers Can Spot an Agent Who Means Business

before you jump in and choose an agent, ask two more questions to determine if an agent is telling you the truth or a load of porkies.

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Copy of 2211 How Landlords Can Increase Their Profits Ethically (730 x 487 px) (1)

How Landlords Can Increase Their Profits Ethically

Some people think the only way landlords can make more profit is to keep hiking up their tenants’ rent.

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does planning permission add value

Four Ways Planning Permission Adds Value to Your Home

A question we often get asked at Belvoir Cardiff and Pontypridd is around whether being granted planning permission adds value to a property?

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Rent increases image

Rent Increases: A Guide for Cardiff And Pontypridd Landlords

The uptick in inflation, along with pressure on interest rates, means that many landlords will be considering rent increases right now.

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finsing tenants

Seven Ways to Find AND Keep Great Tenants

Finding these excellent tenants is one thing. Keeping them is another. And some landlords lose these precious people because of basic, unnecessary errors.

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