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What Does Tenants In Common Mean?

When buying a property, the law tries to look to the future and will cover aspects such as the co-owners parting ways or the property being inherited

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down valued property

What To Do If Your Property Or The One You Are Buying Is Down Valued

Buying and selling properties can be a complex process at the best of times, what with all the legal requirements, negotiations, the risk of gazumping

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Moving home

Moving Home – Are Your Contents Insured?

In this article, we look at the circumstances whereby your insurance policy might not cover your belongings whilst moving home

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proeprty values

Where Is The Best Value Per Square Foot?

in Kensington and Chelsea in London, property averages £1491 per square foot – over 14 times the cost per square foot of Burnley! In this article, we look at where offers the best (and least) value per square foot.

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Belvoir the art of compromise

The Art of Compromise – What Buyers and Sellers in Cardiff & Pontypridd Need to Know

When it comes to buying a home, there’s a word that buyers don’t like to hear, but it really is a critical element of any property purchase.

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selling due to divorce

Selling Your Property Due to a Divorce

Spare a thought then for people who sell their home when their long-term relationship ends. They find themselves dealing with two of life’s most challenging moments

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estate agent contracts

How Cardiff and Pontypridd Sellers Can Spot an Agent Who Means Business

before you jump in and choose an agent, ask two more questions to determine if an agent is telling you the truth or a load of porkies.

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does planning permission add value

Four Ways Planning Permission Adds Value to Your Home

A question we often get asked at Belvoir Cardiff and Pontypridd is around whether being granted planning permission adds value to a property?

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prepare for sale

Why You Should Prepare Now for a Post-Christmas Sale

There’s one day of the year when the stars align for sellers in Cardiff and Pontypridd, and it’s not too far off.

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mortgage fees

A Guide to Mortgage Fees for Cardiff and Pontypridd Home Buyers

While interest rates are obviously important, mortgage hunters should ask: “Which deal represents the best value overall?”.

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1310 How to Choose an Estate Agent to Sell Your Home(730 x 487 px) (1)

How to Choose an Estate Agent to Sell Your Cardiff or Pontypridd Home

If an agent vows to sell your property for a sum that is jaw-droppingly higher than market value, be suspicious.

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why people move house

Why Do People Up Sticks? Eight Reasons for Moving Home

Learn what these categories are so that you can fine-tune your property selling strategy.

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