Belvoir Falkirk completes landmark office refit

We are continuing to roll out a new office redesign across the network, with Belvoir Falkirk beco...

We are continuing to roll out a new office redesign across the network, with Belvoir Falkirk becoming the 40th office to complete.

“The Belvoir Falkirk office looks amazing,” says Belvoir CEO Dorian Gonsalves. “Our research has revealed that tenant search methods have radically changed in recent years. In recognition of this we have created a new design that is geared very much towards a clean, modern lifestyle and ensures that Belvoir shops are welcoming and interactive for all of our clients. The new spec reassures customers that we understand and are constantly adapting to current trends in the property market.

“It is also a very flexible design that allows a versatile and sympathetic approach to listed buildings and compliance with council regulations, hence the reversing of our normal colour scheme so that at the Falkirk office the red Belvoir logo is on a white background.

“Belvoir offices are light and airy, with a spacious and minimalist feel. They are equipped with many high-tech features to help us respond quickly to enquiries from landlords and tenants. Our research shows that this rapid response is something that landlords really value and once again demonstrates our commitment to investment and remaining at the forefront of innovation.”

Mike Campbell of Belvoir Falkirk says: “I am delighted with the refit, which took place over two weekends, with very little disruption to work. I am grateful to Belvoir Central Office for their help with refit. This included dealing with Falkirk council and organising our planning application.

“I already think that we are the biggest and best lettings agency in Falkirk, but now we really look the part. People are actually wandering in off the street to say how much they like our office, and the staff are thrilled with the new look as well.”

We have a network of 160 offices throughout the UK and we aim to implement the new design in all offices by 2017.

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