A Guide To... City Living

The day to day grind of city life can take its toll with busy rush hours, thousands of overwhelmed tourists and changeable weather conditions to contend with. Have you recently moved to the city or are considering making the move? City living is a great experience, however it can be a little different to the norm- here are a few tips to consider.


The city is a huge place and can sometimes be a little daunting, however you mustn’t let this put you off. Take some time to get out there and have a stroll, you will be impressed by how much you get to know of the city through experiencing the sights, sounds and even smells! It’s those little things that make city life exciting- it’s also great exercise and is good to get out in the open air.

Avoid rush hour… if you can

Rush hour can be a pain in the city, and it’s easier said than done trying to avoid it. Where possible stay well away from crammed public transport and traffic jams- these can leave you stand still for ages! When you can opt for walking or cycling to places, this can sometimes be the quicker option and is also better for the environment and your health.

Get involved;

Cities are often brimming with ambitious people and exciting opportunities, so don’t miss out! Broaden your horizons- network, volunteer, take up a new hobby and join community events. This way you are guaranteed to meet new people, see more of the city and most of all have fun! Interact with some of the locals, ask them for local tips on where to go and what to do, chances are they have lived there a while and know the more independent places to go away from the tourist traps.

Download some useful apps

We have all done it, got completely lost in the city- but now thanks to technology we can fall back on useful apps to help get us from A to B. Citymapper is the trusted way to help get you to your destination, if you are in London the Cycle Hire app will help you locate the nearest station and of course there’s UBER- everyone’s go to when you just completely don’t know.

There also some great apps for hunting down restaurants and super markets such as UBER eats, YELP and Amazon Fresh.

Budget your money

It is so easy to get overwhelmed and flash the cash when living in the city. Anywhere you turn you can spend money- clothes shops, restaurants, cafes, market stalls, charity salespeople, homeless people and coin fountains. Why not set yourself a weekly budget, of course enjoy yourself, but don’t go over the top so you cut yourself short- having no money in the city isn’t as fun.

Take a break

Sometimes city life can just get a little too much, this is when you know you need to escape for a little bit- not forever, now that would be silly. Plan a trip to coincide with your busy schedule, be it going back home to pay the family a visit or simply just going anywhere that takes your fancy- use this time to switch off and relax.

We hope you found these tips useful, for some inspiration into city living why not take a look at our Pinterest board 'Be… living in the city'

Image sources; City Scape photo by Andi Rizal | Phone City Scene photo by Redd Angelo