Evicting a tenant

The eviction process, I guess you’re reading this because you are having a problem with a tenant and need to start the process of a tenant eviction? Understanding the process for evicting a tenant can be confusing and complicated – Letting Agents Wolverhampton can help you with any tenancy related issues and better still we can! – Call your local letting experts for free help and advice on Alternatively download our section 8 and 21 forms for free.

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Not wishing to state the obvious but to start the eviction process for a tenant eviction you will need to have issued an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement to your tenants. An (AST) provides the tenant with no security of tenure and therefore it is a relatively straightforward process to obtain a possession order once you have commenced proceedings. Terminating an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, for the purpose of evicting a tenant will rely on the correct us of either a  section 21 or section 8 of the Housing Act 1988. (As amended)

Evicting a tenant

Which one should you use – Section 21 or Section 8

Section 21

A section 21 can be used once the initial fixed term of the tenancy has expired. The tenancy can be terminated by providing a tenant with not less than 2 months written notice. Your will need to complete the section 21 and then serve the completed document to the tenant. On completing the section 21 you do not have to state any specific reason why you are taking the property back. In short, it allows you, the landlord, to be evicting a tenant to take back possession of the property.

Section 8

A section 8 is part of the Housing Act 1988 that can be applied when a tenant has broken a term/s of the tenancy agreement, to include non-payment of rent. Completing the section 8 correctly is vitally important and if not completed to the exacting requirements the following court proceeding will be invalid.

When issuing a section 8 you would need give the tenant 2 week’s notice to bring the rent arrears up to date. Once the period has elapsed proceedings would be brought for both a possession for the property allied with a monetary judgement for the rent arrears.

Eviction process

Evicting a tenant
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Tenant eviction

The process for evicting a tenant and the eviction process can be an unpleasant experience for a landlord and the actual eviction can be extremely stressful. The Housing Act 1988 provides 17 grounds on which a landlord may seek possession before the fixed term of tenancy has finished. On a more positive note, landlords with property in the Willenhall, Tettenhall or Perton areas can request a tenant eviction process for Free! – Simply call your local letting experts at Letting Agents Wolverhampton.

So if you need help with your tenant eviction and you are a landlord with property with Wombourne, Wednesfield or Bilston our lettings experts within our team at Letting Agents Wolverhampton can help.

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