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Boxing Day Bounce And Why Sutton Will Appeal To Buyers

If you are starting the sales process, or wondering what your next move will be, you can arrange for an instant valuation to take place. Our instant valuation tool is free, quick to use and very easy to arrange, so contact Belvoir Sutton today if you would like to arrange a valuation anytime soon.

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Transport Improvements Still Vital For Sutton

One of the most important aspects of any local area when it comes to the property market is transport. The areas in high demand usually all have great transport connections...

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First-Time Buyers Flooding Market And What It Means For You

The number of property sales made to first-time buyers in August rose to 28%, which is an 8% increase on the 20% in July 2021.

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Sutton High Street Changes Can Help Housing Market

We believe a thriving High Street and town centre area is important for the local property market.

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Sutton Property Outshining London Housing Market

At Belvoir Sutton, we believe Sutton is an excellent location, and it has a lot to offer.

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Sutton Is Home To Many Outstanding Schools

Of all the areas in England, Sutton ranked in the top ten for the best schools. The borough was eighth for the percentage of “Outstanding” schools, claiming 42% of all schools in this category.

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First-Time Buyers Looking Towards Suburbs

The mindset of property buyers has changed a lot in the past year, and this is as true for first-time buyers as it is for experienced homeowners.

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Carshalton Housing Market 2021

We bring you the latest trends in the UK’s housing market with a detailed focus on our local market.

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Sutton Best Place In London For Families

At Belvoir, we are pleased to say we have long been huge fans of Sutton, and what it has to offer. We have long advocated the area as being perfect for households who are looking to settle down, and provide their kids with a great setting.

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Outer Zones Are A Big Hit In London Property Market

As you would expect, there is a lot of interest in what is happening in the London property market right now. While the exodus from London hasn’t materialised in the manner some industry experts have predicted, there is evidence that people are moving to the suburbs and outer reaches of the capital.

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Vendors Unwilling To Budge On Price

A study found since that lockdown started, 45% of vendors say they’ve had a request from buyers to lower the price of property. The most commonly requested reduction ranges between 5% and 10%.

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Property Market After Lockdown Is Moving Fast

Stay in touch with what is happening in the housing market, and follow how the stamp duty holiday is driving demand, by following Belvoir Sutton.

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