Transport Improvements Still Vital For Sutton

One of the most important aspects of any local area when it comes to the property market is transport. The areas in high demand usually all have great transport connections, and in Sutton, it is fair to say people can get around quite easily. We know many people like what is on offer on your doorstep in Sutton, but equally, there is a lot to be said for making your way to and from other places with ease.

However, that isn’t to say that the transport on offer in, out and around Sutton couldn’t be improved. The local council agrees and back in June, they submitted a proposal for a £32m train line, which would have vastly improved rail services around the borough.

Sadly, the application was unsuccessful, but with the obvious benefits of the improved rail links remaining, many people are keen to revive the bid as soon as possible.

Better rail links vital for Sutton

The aim of the funding was to reinstate the rail line which ran between Sutton and Belmont. Money from this project would also have been used to re-develop the 1.5km Belmont Loop Line.

There would have been immediate benefits from the re-development of these lines. Commuters in and around Belmont would have received a direct journey to Belmont and there would have been an increase in the number of services per hour. Currently, there are 2 trains per hour, but this would have risen to 4 at off-peak times and 6 during peak times.

Even though it is possible to move in and out Sutton with ease, there have been calls to improve the standard of public transport in the borough. It is one thing travelling to the heart of London for a daily commute, another entirely in getting across Sutton.

There are new jobs coming to Sutton

It should also be noted that developments should be made with respect to the redevelopment of the London Cancer Hub. This is a partnership including:

  • Sutton Council
  • The Institute of Cancer Research
  • The Royal Marsden
  • Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals Trust

When the London Cancer Hub is completed, it will be a known centre for cancer research. This is vital, but on a local level, there will also be the creation of 10,000 jobs. This is positive news for Sutton, and the local housing market. However, it also means the local transport options must be improved, and this is why there are calls to keep applying for better rail links.

Neil Garratt is the London Assembly Member for Croydon and Sutton, and he has been supportive of the bid. The Conservative Sutton councillor thinks the project should be at the heart of any future funding applications.

He said: “The reason for upgrading the railway line is to unlock the potential for the Cancer Hub site. The current railway service is inadequate and it does need the transport infrastructure. Although we haven’t been successful in this round, I hope that the Chancellor will consider it in further rounds.”

Sutton Council have stated their intention of submitting again when the next levelling up round becomes available.

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