Sutton Best Place In London For Families

At Belvoir, we are pleased to say we have long been huge fans of Sutton, and what it has to offer. We have long advocated the area as being perfect for households who are looking to settle down, and provide their kids with a great setting.

The study by Oxford Home Schooling has put a great deal of thought into the process. Ofsted results, school availability, crime rates and housing affordability have all been considered in creating the list.

Sutton has made it into the top ten for the whole of the country, and it is the number one ranked place in the capital. When you think of the competition in London, it must be said this is a tremendous turn of events!

Sutton offers the best of both worlds for families

With open space so important for buyers these days, Sutton is an excellent location. The location at the edge of the North Downs ensures there is always an opportunity to adventures and outdoor excitement.

However, London and all its delights are not far away. Families can be in the heart of the capital in less than an hour, which is a reminder that Sutton offers the best of both worlds.

One of the key factors in Sutton’s success was the depth of schools in the local area. 50 primary schools and 22 secondary schools are within easy reach, and some of these schools have been ranked amongst the best on offer.

London is an affordable option for many households

When it comes to all the London boroughs, it is easy to see the affordable nature of Sutton properties affecting the outcome. Many London areas are great for families and have tremendous schools, but property is extremely expensive.

The average family finds much of London outside the realms of possibility, but Sutton is a viable option for many families. The study found the 18 least most affordable places to live in the country are in London and that 23 of the 26 most unaffordable areas are in the capital.

Dr Nick Smith, principal at Oxford Home Schooling, said: “2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for many families and some will be looking for a fresh start as we near its conclusion. Lots of people are moving house, in part due to the Stamp Duty holiday, and families will have a lot to consider when choosing their new area. Education will likely be a key factor, with some moving to be within certain school catchment areas. For those considering such action, our research has highlighted the local authorities which offer quality education, affordable housing and safety for your family.”

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