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Leeds South | Landlord Fees

Landlord Services and Fees

Services for Landlords*

Choice of 3 services available, however can be modified further to suit individual Landlord requirements.

Charges consist of either a one off fee or a set up fee and monthly management fee


Option 1  -  Tenant Find/Let Only Service

One Off Fee - £375+VAT (£450 inclusive of VAT) (Inventory/schedule of condition, charged separately, optional

Option 2  -  Let Only & Rent Collection

Tenancy Start Up Fee - £180+VAT (£216 inclusive of VAT) (Inventory/Schedule of Condition report, charged seperately optional)

*Monthly Rent Collection Fee 7.5%+VAT (9% inclusive of VAT)

Option 3  -  Full Management 

Tenancy Start Up Fee - £180+VAT (£216 inclusive of VAT) (Inventory/schedule of condition, charged separately compulsory)

*Monthly Management Fee - 10.5%+VAT (12.6% inclusive of VAT)

Please note a minimum monthly management fee of £40+VAT (£48 inclusive of VAT) applies

Inventory/Statement of Condition/Meter-Reads  

Dependant on size of property

1 Bed  £80+VAT (£96 inclusive of VAT)

2 Bed  £85+VAT (£102 inclusive of VAT)      

3 Bed  £90+VAT (£108 inclusive of VAT)           

4 Bed  £95+VAT (£114 inclusive of VAT)        

5 Bed  £100+VAT (£120 inclusive of VAT)       

Note: Without an inventory, the landlord may lose any right to make a claim for compensation against the tenant for damage to the property during the term of the let.

Fees will, wherever possible, be deducted from rental income received.


Tenant find/Let only   Let Only + Rent Collection   Full Management

Tenancy Setup and 

Management Fees

£375+VAT (£450 inclusive of VAT)

Payable for each letting where the tenant is introduced by the agent.


£180+VAT (£216 inclusive of VAT) setup fee.

7.5%+VAT (9% inclusive of VAT) of monthly rent.

£180+VAT (£216 inclusive of VAT) setup fee.

10.5%+VAT (12.6% inclusive of VAT) of monthly rent

Advertising in – house, newspaper & website
                    YES    YES  YES
Accompanied agent viewings
                    YES    YES  YES
Fully referenced tenants
                    YES    YES  YES
Process the first month’s rent & deposit for the landlord
                    YES    YES  YES
Generate first rent statement for landlord
                    YES    YES  YES
Create Tenancy contract + other   documentation and initiate sign-up.
                     YES    YES  YES
Lodge tenant’s deposit with Deposit Scheme (as per legal requirement)
Utilities switchover








Collect on-going monthly rents and generate rent statements 
                       NO    YES  YES
Electronic bank transfer of monthly rents 
                       NO    YES  YES
Management of property repairs
                       NO    NO  YES
Regular periodic visits to property with written report provided
                       NO    NO  YES
Ensuring legal compliance for required safety certificates
                       NO     YES  YES
Ensuring correct Notices served when possession is required
                        NO    YES  YES
Tenant Check-Out. Condition report & negotiating, arranging deposit deduction & transfer
                        NO    NO  YES

Belvoir Inventory/Statement of Condition

OPTIONAL -Charged Separately if required,
dependant on number of bedrooms (see price above).
OPTIONAL -Charged Separately if required,
dependant on number of bedrooms (see price above).
COMPULSORY -Charged Separately,
dependant on number of bedrooms (see price above).

Optional & Other Charges (If/when Landlord requires):

Tenancy Contract re-signing fee:     

£75+VAT (£90 inclusive of VAT) payable where The Agent, with your agreement, arranges a renewal of tenancy to an existing tenant/s

Annual Rent Review:     

Free with Fully Managed and Let + Rent collection services 

Energy Performance Certificate (if required prior to initial letting-valid for 10 years):      

£75 (inc VAT)

Tenant move-out & Inventory Check (including damage report) & preparation of paperwork for alternative Deposit Dispute Resolution:

£75+VAT (£90 inclusive of VAT) payable from final month’s rental of vacating tenants

Legionella Risk Assessment and report:

£25+VAT (£30 inc VAT)