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Selling a house can be quite an emotional experience. It’s where you and your family have created memories within those walls and it’s also where you got your rest and comfort. Despite this, you’ve made the decision to sell your home, whether it’s because your family has gotten bigger, you’re relocating for a new job or anything else. In some cases, when you’re planning on selling a property, you’ll want to know how long it takes to sell a house fast.

And with the right estate agency and property agents, you can have greater confidence when you sell your house. If you live in Tingley, you’re in luck because our estate agents here will be able to give you sound advice about the cost of selling a house and they will also be able to answer questions you may have such as how long does it take to sell a house or what are the costs of selling a house.

When it comes to the sale or purchase of immovable property, it’s important that you only speak to experienced estate agents in Tingley. This is where we at Belvoir Morley come front and centre to serve you professionally and with our full attention on your needs and requirements. That’s why it doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time buyer or seller or you’ve done this multiple times. With us, you can list your properties for sale in Tingley be they a house for sale in Tingley or flats for sale in the area.

Property buying and selling doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. That’s because, with us, you can rest assured that we take care of all your needs and guide you through every step of the journey to enable you to seamlessly transition to the next step in your life – as a proud new homeowner or as a successful seller of your immovable property.

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Not everyone is looking for a home to buy. Many people’s needs today require shorter-term property leases to enable them to accommodate their lifestyle and ensure that their rented property fits around them. So, if you are someone who is looking to either lease a property or rent out your current property, choose our experienced letting agents in Tingley to be the bridge between landlord and tenant and to ensure smooth transactions and the perfect solutions for both parties.

The Belvoir letting agency in Morley has letting agents in Tingley that will help you find properties to rent in Tingley. For interested tenants, you can choose from our list of houses or flats to rent in the area. As for the landlords among you, we all know that letting a property can feel like a complex field to navigate, not least of which is because of the various letting agents’ fees you need to be aware of.

However, our local letting agents will seamlessly help you when you are looking to renting out a house or a flat. We have guidelines and best practices in place to ensure that the lease of your property is in capable and secure hands, not only to make sure that the property is maintained in excellent condition but so that you get the most out of it.

If you feel nervous or uncertain of letting out a property, we’ve got you covered! You can not only browse through our various lettings in Tingley but you can also rest assured of our high ratings and reviews left by over 100 happy customers to date. At Belvoir Morley, we’re at your side with your property rental needs. And if you’re a prospective tenant, we can help source the right property to rent to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Is the village safe to live in?

If you are considering moving to this lovely suburban village area in the district of Leeds, you’ll want to know is Tingley safe to live in. According to recent statistics, as of May 2023, there were 135 street-level crime incidents for the month, which was significantly lower than Tingley’s surrounding areas. Of these street-level crime incidents, violent crime constituted 63, followed distantly by anti-social behaviour at 19 incidents.

Comparatively speaking, these statistics indicate lower crime levels than many other regions in the country and as such, Tingley can be considered a safe place to live in. As for the residents of this suburban village, it’s worth noting when wondering what people live in Tingley that this location has a higher level of home ownership than the national average and that recent statistics point to the fact that 77.82% of the people in work in the village are in full-time employment.

Important opening times worth noting

Knowing the important opening times can help you get a feel for what time of day things start happening in a particular area.

For example, the Ardsley and Tingley Library opening times differ depending on the day you’d like to go. While it’s normal for the library to be closed on Sundays, it opens on Monday from 10:00 to 13:00 and again from 14:00 until 17:00. It is, however, closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesday, you can access the library from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 until 18:00. On Fridays and Saturdays, the library is open from 10:00 until 13:00.

As for the post office opening times, it depends on which post office you’d like to go to. The Haigh Moor Post Office office from 07:30 on Mondays, the Leeds Road Post Office opens at 09:00 on Mondays and the Woodkirk Post Office has opening times that start from as early as 05:00 during weekdays and on Saturday and 06:00 on Sundays.

Things to do

Of course, if you’re planning on living here, you will want to know what are the top attractions to visit in the area. Luckily, this quaint village offers a lot to choose from for both young and old. As such, our top list of things to do in Tingley, including what are the best outdoor activities and what are the most popular things to do with kids, includes the following:

  • Castle – Sandal Castle
  • National museum – Royal Armouries Museum
  • Museum – Bagshaw Museum
  • Museum – Leeds City Museum
  • Museum – Thackray Museum of Medicine
  • Museum – Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills
  • Park and garden – Roundhay Park
  • Park and garden – Dartmouth Park
  • Art gallery – The Tetley
  • Building – Leeds Kirkgate Market
  • Tourist attraction – Temple Newsam
  • River – Pudsey Beck

What is the village famous for?

Also worth asking when looking at this quaint village is what is Tingley famous for? The answer is twofold. On the one hand, we have the eponymous roundabout, at the junction of the M62 motorway and the A653 (Dewsbury Road) and the A650 (Bradford Road). On the other hand, there is a somewhat far-fetched story of a person who passed away due to the alleged hallmarks of a UFO incident. However, this remains conjecture to this day and remains unproven.


The climate in Tingley is quite typical of English weather. In January and February, it gets highs of about 7° C with 14 and 11 days of rain, respectively. Temperatures start to climb around March and April, hovering between 10° C and 12° C.

The temperatures in May and June climb as high as 16° C and 18° C, respectively, while July gets the hottest weather at 21° C, with approximately nine days of rain. August sees a slightly lower high at around 20° C with September cooling down to 17° C and October to 13° C. November’s temperatures plummet to around 9° C and December sees highs of around 7° C with approximately 13 days of rainfall.

Tingley house prices

For those considering purchasing or selling their property in Tingley, it’s worth looking at average house prices. Over the past year, the average has been in the region of £230,431.00, of which the majority of sales were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £209,088.00. Meanwhile, detached properties sold for an average of £312,984. Terraced properties fetched around £164,320.00.

Tingley rent prices

Depending on what type of rental you are looking for or whether you would like to get an idea of how much rent prices are to lease your property, it’s worth looking at some average prices. For example, a studio for one person can cost in the region of £450.00 per month, while a one-bedroom flat can go for £595.00. A three-bedroom, semi-detached house can go for £1,150.00 per calendar month and there are other prices for fully detached houses, too.

Schools and amenities

The immediate area of Tingley is served by Westerton Primary Academy, Blackgates Primary School and Woodkirk Academy. Meanwhile, the wider local area features schools that include Hill Top Academy in West Ardsley and The Morley Academy in Morley. Apart from these schools, amenities include some lovely local restaurants and shops, including an art gallery called The Tetley.

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