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Eviction and tenancy mediation

June 1 - End of eviction ban, reduction in notice periods and free mediation!

The government have made it easier for you to get your property back but they're also trying to help extend tenancies in trouble with a free mediation service.

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Selective Licensing Areas

More licensing for Enfield landlords

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Enfield BTL Yield

Enfield Features among London postcodes for high BTL yield.

Looking for a good rental yield? This report shows that key areas of Enfield are worth looking at.

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9 tips to help you sell your Enfield home in Springtime

Spring is a great time to sell your home. Here are a nine helpful tips to help you achieve a springtime sale.

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How to create a great first impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression, follow these seven steps for a better chance at making a great one!

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I love you but………I don't want to be your landlord.

Letting your property to someone you know can seem like the perfect low-risk option. Here are the top three problem I've seen when friends become landlord and tenant.

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So what is business as usual?

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Now may not be a great time to sell your home but it's a great time to start planning!

Has lockdown left you thinking about your next home? Now may not be a good time to sell but it's a great time to prepare to sell. Her's the first of 5 things to look at to help you achieve a successful and stress free sale.

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New Electrical Regulations in rental properties

Covid 19 and lockdown have been financially testing for so many of us. For landlords in Enfield it's added to an expensive year with the full force of Section 24 and the upcoming implementation of Additional Licensing. Now we need to plan for new electrical safety requirements, here's a brief summary.

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Conveyancing – legal procedure concept

The conveyancing process - A six step guide

You've found your dream home in Enfield and you're super excited, but you know that buying property can be very stressful. We hope this top-level six step guide will help remove some of the mystery and ease the stress.

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So when is the right time to sell your home?

The sun is shining and your home is looking at its best, what else can you do to help your chances of selling at the right price?

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Just 32% of Enfield Homes are Eco-friendly

So how energy efficient are properties in Enfield? And how do they compare to the UK as a whole?

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