The Collection

Introducing  The Collection

For those homes where traditional marketing just doesn’t cut it.

Do you have a unique home? Is it custom built, extended and enhanced, a listed building, historically important, or even just ‘quirky’? Or is it a high-value home where the target market is much smaller?

If so, you need something more than the standard ‘flat pack’ approach to property marketing if you are to attract the best buyers.

For these homes the quality of imagery, storytelling and overall ‘buyer experience’ is key, and that’s the secret to Belvoir’s ‘The Collection’ approach to marketing.

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How Can The Collection Help To Sell Your Home?

Be Patient – Some things are worth waiting for.

We work with a number of professionals to help create our marketing and we’ll need your input. The process from start to finish will take two to three weeks and here’s why:

Your homes uniqueness is it’s selling point.

A vanilla approach to marketing and presentation that is designed to appeal to everyone (and offend no-one), actually has the opposite effect and reduces your chances of finding a buyer.


Through conversation with you, we will understand what attracted you to your home originally. How and why you’ve made the enhancements you have to it, what has made living there special and what you’ll be sad to say goodbye to.

By being bold and showing-off the ‘special’, we can target the right section of the market, which is much more effective.

Home Styling

Once we’ve identified the features to highlight we can help ensure they look their very best. Adjusting the presentation of your home can be sensitive so we always discuss the likely areas for attention with you before the stylist and photographer attend. Our ready supply of accessories plays a key role here, everything from crisp white bedding to cushions, throws and pot plants.

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Our photographs tend to be taken over two or three separate sessions. We want to capture every feature of your home inside and out, on a bright sunny day and also later in the evening when warm lights and the dark skies give a very different feel.


To make sure that the words used to describe your home really do it justice, we work with an excellent copy writer. She will also talk with you about your home and will work wonders on the descriptions to ensure we deliver a consistent and attractive brand for your home.

Online Advert

This is the first glimpse that many viewers will have of your home. With a selection of stunning images (no more than 24), engaging descriptive text and an easily navigated floor plan, our aim is to hold the readers attention and leave them wanting more. This is where the storytelling begins.

Gone are the days of detailing the number of radiators and plug sockets in a room.


Our brochures are ‘coffee table’ ready. Designed to be repeatedly picked up and flicked through like a book of classic photos, where flowing descriptions provide the story behind each photo.

Using the best materials, your brochure will look and feel special, giving the reader an enhanced buyer experience, and a keepsake that they can share with family and friends for years to come.

Promotion Board

The ‘For Sale’ sign for our ‘The Collection’ homes, is more than a signpost back to Belvoir. These boards are designed to showcase your home. The central section of the board is an image of a key feature from your home for example a breathtaking view or a smouldering fireplace. These boards give passing potential buyers a glimpse behind the door and entices them to find out more.


If you want to know how this marketing approach could work for you, please contact the team at Belvoir Enfield.

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Belvoir’s premium property brand for luxury homes with a personal touch

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