Summer Security Tips

With summer holidays on the way, here is some advice and information on keeping your home safe whilst you’re away.

Step one – make sure your home is secure

Before you even think about leaving the property, ensure all locks are adequate and aren’t too old or have any potential to break easily. This is particularly important for external doors and easy to reach windows, these can be on the ground floor, above flat roofs or near drainpipes. Also double check that your home and contents insurance is up to date!

Step two – ensure all valuables and keys are out of sight

Out of sight, out of mind. A property with keys on the hall table and a tablet or laptop dotted around the house is very appealing to opportunists. Although difficult to hide televisions, the less on show the better.

Step three – make your home looks lived in!

It’s worthwhile investing in a timer for a hallway lamp or for your television, you can get them from as little as £5 online and they’re handy when you’re away. They will automatically turn an appliance on for example at 8pm and off again at 7pm, whatever settings you choose. This may deter any potential burglars because it looks like someone is in the house.

TOP TIP: If you’re going away during summer months for a long period of time, it’s worth cutting your grass just before you go. This way it looks recently cared for and more lived in.

Step four – make use of friends and family

If you have a neighbour or a close friend you trust, why not ask them to check the house while you’re away? For example just moving the post and watering a few plants in the summer can be handy. Or even parking their car on your drive for a few hours can make a place look lived in.

You’re statistically more likely to be a victim of water damage from a leaking or bust pipe than being burgled according to NFU Mutual and this is why having someone visit the property while you are on holiday is important, especially if it’s for a long period of time.

TOP TIP: Do avoid sharing too much information on social media, especially if your profiles are very public. Do you really know who is reading your Facebook status or Twitter posts? If you boast about getting away for two weeks in the sunshine, everyone then knows your home is empty!