Preparing For Viewings

You’ve put your home on the market, hired an estate agent, now it’s time to make sure everything is ready for the viewings. This can be a tricky moment for first-time sellers, but with a few simple tips we can help you to prepare. Set some time aside to go through your home in detail and take notes on what needs to be addressed before the first viewing. You may also find it helpful to make a checklist to tick off before each viewing so that you give your property the best chance of impressing. 

Look at Your Home from the Viewers Point of View

It’s important to look at your property with an objective eye. Your estate agent should be able to help you. This can be tricky as we tend to be emotionally connected to our homes and whilst we may be moving for a positive reason, e.g. upgrading for more space, many of us will still feel that strong emotional link. 

Remember, the point of a viewing is to allow the prospective buyer to be able to picture themselves making the property their home. To accomplish this, you will need to provide them a blank canvas, which means removing your everyday personal effects like family pictures, souvenirs and children’s artwork. Look at this exercise as getting a head start on the packing for your new home, pack your precious items securely away. 

Presenting the Property in the Best Light

It goes without saying that the property should be tidy, to present it in the best light you may need to go a little further than that. If you are just starting viewings, it is worthwhile giving the place a thorough deep clean. Consider having well-lived in carpets professionally cleaned. Once this is done all you will need to do is a quick vacuum and a wipe down of surfaces prior to each viewing.

We have five senses, for those viewing your property all of them will be in overdrive. Try to view each room as critically as possible: If a room smells a little musty, then you need to give it a good airing. If the noise from outside is a little loud when the window is open, make sure it’s closed during the visit. If a room is quite dark, consider adding a warm lamp and replacing dark curtains.

Let the Fresh Air In

There are few things more off-putting if you’re viewing a property than bad aromas. If you have the smell of cooking in the kitchen because you’ve just fed the children, it can be repellent. Airing rooms for an hour or so before the viewing will help clear the air, as will adding fresh flowers, scented candles or diffusers (though don’t overdo this as it can send out warning signs to the viewer). 

Kerb Appeal and Why It’s Important

Don’t just think about the inside of your home, pay attention to its kerb appeal, first impressions count! While it’s important for getting viewings in the first place, the outside of your home is also vital when potential buyers visit. We tend to make up our minds quickly and a poorly presented front of house can colour what people think from then on, even if your interior is perfect.
If your front garden has got a bit out of hand, put some work into making things look presentable. Ensure there is no rubbish or clutter, trim hedges, grass and bushes, top up the shingle and remove weeds from the pathway. 

Small Repairs and Renovations

Review your home décor, we don’t all have the same taste, if you have personalised your home consider a revamp to neutral colours. A neutral colour will make rooms appear larger which is a major selling point and will once again allow the viewer to see a blank canvas to superimpose their own taste and style.
There could be a few areas in your home that need to be repaired. You may no longer notice that dink in the wall, but your viewers certainly will. While large renovations may not be cost-effective, small repairs and updates such as filling in dents in the wall before adding a lick of paint can make a big difference.

Just Before a Viewing

Before someone comes to your property, make sure you do the little things well. If it’s winter, put the heating on early enough to create a warm welcome. Make sure areas like the toilet, bath and shower rooms are clean and smell nice and do a final sweep for personal items like coats, dressing gowns, shoes etc. and make sure they are all put away. You might also like to have tea or coffee ready to create a warm welcome.

Help is at Hand

Whether you are buying or selling a property, a good estate agent can help to guide you through the process, including preparing your property for viewings.