Renovation Tips

Renovating a property is an exciting project, in today’s market home renovation is becoming of a popular occurrence, especially for home buyers on a tight budget who are looking to create their ‘dream home’. It’s fair to say that you can get a lot more space for your money by purchasing a run-down property. Here are some top tips for you to consider…

Preparation is key;

This is a huge project that is going to take up a lot of your time, therefore it is important that you prepare for the renovation in advance. It will help you budget, give you time to make those important decisions and most of all help things run smoothly.

Safeguard any periodic features;

It is sad to see homes that have lost all of their character, so think carefully before you start covering up those beautiful beams. Do some research about the building you are renovating and work out what is best for the property itself.

Inform your neighbours;

Brief your neighbours of your renovation, you don’t have to go into too much detail if you don’t wish to, but make them aware of your plans. Living next door to a building site is almost as stressful as living in one and it is always a bonus if you have happy neighbours- who knows they may even be able to help!

Reach out;

It may be worth talking to people who have previously taken on a renovation project, they will be able to give you the best advice going having experienced the process themselves. Ask to look around their property, take inspiration and ask as many questions as you wish- reassurance is key.


Let’s be realistic things don’t always go to plan, so be prepared to have to negotiate and prioritise certain aspects of the project. As sad as it is, you may have to say farewell to the wood-burning stove of your dreams or those beautiful bay windows, but keep positive and stride towards the final outcome.

Work with builders/tradesmen who are recommended;

It is important you work with people you can rely on and feel assured they will deliver the goods and do the job efficiently. Shop around, read reviews and most importantly don’t rush into making decisions- these people are making your visions come alive, so make sure they are the perfect fit.