Electrical Safety Legislation Update

The Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations

If a landlord has purchased an electrical appliance on or after the 8th December 2016 for a new let then the landlord needs to provide the actual instruction manual for the appliance (and not just the generic safety instructions). If purchased before 8th December 2016 the old regulations apply i.e. generic safety information is sufficient to comply. This applies to any electrical equipment for a property when first placed on the market.
In addition to ensuring the equipment is safe, before the property is marketed for rent, the landlord and agent must ensure that the electrical equipment:

  • Is labelled correctly by the manufacturer, bear a type, batch or serial number or other element allowing its identification to be clear, understandable and intelligible.
  • Contains information identifying the importer and will be labelled correctly, the electrical equipment must be marked with a single postal address at which the manufacturer can be contacted

Our landlords know that we are always on top of the legislative changes from when they are first introduced (last December), but it always also good to keep them up to date as well.