Belvoir hit back on rising energy prices!

Belvoir hit back on rising energy prices!

With the UK's big 5 companies set to raise prices again, it is having a big knock on affect in the consumer pocket.

Hot off the press today is the Energy price rise that is going to be raised by an average of 8.2%

As a Professional letting agent we set up all our new tenants supply in their new home, an added convenience service we offer as we understand moving day can be stressful. Property manager 'Shazad Khan' said "It frustrates me when opening new accounts for our tenants with these companies knowing they charge expensive rates, I don't feel that I have given them the service that they deserve, but these companies currently own the supply to the property.

We thought long and hard on how to combat this and found the solution. The UK's best kept secret, a truly fantastic company who offer all our clients, one single bill for their main bill for their main 5 services (Gas, Electric, Phone & Broadband and Mobile). they also back this up with this motto 'Cheapest in the UK' and guarantee this with their double the difference price promise.

All new clients now enjoy this service and can't thank us enough for helping them save money.

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