Belvoir Bury Shopfit Progess Start to 14 December 12

This is the Shopfit Progres from the very Start to Yesterday (14 Dec 12)

1) 22-11-12 Bare breeze black shell as we lease the shop.



2) 22-11-12 lots of work needs to be done before the completion date of before Christmas.


 3) 25-11-12 In Three days the back room is boxed off andthe insulation hs been done.


 4) 28-11-12 The contractors have Plasterboarded the shop and is starting to  take shape. Electrical wiring should be done today.



5) 30-11-12 Suspended ceiling and all electrics are now in, but electric supply will be the 14th December. Schedualed finish  date is 10th December.



6) 06-12-12 Fire Alarm  system and all recessed lights have now been fitted, Shop will be fully painted by the end of the day.


 7) 10-12-12 Schedualled contractor handover date. we got the key’s and the finl job of leveling the floor last job ready for theshop Branding team.


 8) 14-12-12 The shop should be finally ready for the furnature today, Flooring being laid ad should be done by end of day.



9) 14-12-12 Flooring nearly done, and wallcovering featuring the map of Bury hung on the wall where the coffee area and Ipad browsing bar will be.


 10) 14-12-12 Two posters up in the windows until the illuminated signs go up on the 20th December.



11) 14-12-12 Finished article front view, all ready for the furnature an equipment on Monday 17th December.



12) 14-12-12 Inside view of the back wll of the shop, finally done.



13) 14-12-12 Otherside of the shop showing the map feature wall.



14) 14-12-12 Final outside picture of the shop showin one of our Minis that will be sign writen Wednesday next week.



This has all been done in the matter of a few weeks, with the help of some very efficient contractors and carefull planning we are still set for launch on the 2nd January 2013. Please follow us on Twitter @belvoirbury or like and keep up to date on Facebook