#Gradweek: Your next move

For most graduates there is a whole host of big questions to face post-university. The future can seem like a very uncertain place, with a lot to decisions to make.

Today, we've invited the Student Team from Rightmove to come over and chat about moving on from uni, finding a property and financing it. 

For most graduates there is a whole host of big questions to face post-university. The future can seem like a very uncertain place, with a lot to decisions to make. While you’re figuring out what to do next you might want to consider where exactly you’re going to call home.

Stay on where you studied? Go back to your childhood home? Or an exciting new city?

We’ve put together some tips on the options you now have ahead of you.

Shared Accommodation can be a great choice as you get to stay living with friends you’ve made at University and it means bills and cleaning can be shared.
• Work out how the bills will be split between you and your housemates as most landlords will want the total rent paid in full rather than individually.

• You no longer have the luxury of not having to pay council tax. This can be an unexpected added bill so make sure you research this and count into your payments.

• Set some ground rules – living as students and living as post graduates are two different things and you may be sharing with someone you haven’t lived with before, it’s always a good idea to set the ground rules before you move in so there is no awkwardness when your new housemate Kevin never washes up his dishes!

Setting up on your own means independence and not having to answer to anyone but can also be quite daunting when you’re used to a house full of late night party animals!

• The first key thing to work out is can you afford to live alone? You’ve been sharing payments for the last few years and now you have to foot these by yourself, choose accommodation realistically based on what you will be earning.

After switching your bank account over from a student account to a graduate account you will need to set up your direct debits to make for easy payments each month, you don’t want to get stung with those late charges!

• You’ll be finding the accommodation by yourself – you’ll need to visit the local lettings agents and view the properties by yourself so make sure you are contacting them with enough time so you’re not left stressing even after those last exams are finished!

Moving back in with your parents can seem like you are taking a step back but it can also be the perfect platform for saving money, whether you simply can’t afford to move out, saving for a short term goal such as going travelling or the longer term goal of saving for a house deposit.
Even if you do pay rent you often won’t have to cover the bills and food which can save you a fortune, particularly the expense of costly council tax payments which you dodged as a student.
• Remember you’ve been gone and they’ve also gotten used to that. Door slamming, rooms full of dirty cups, and last night’s clothes on the floor might have been fine at your uni house but might not be so cool at Casa Mum and Dad. Do your best to be tidy, too. They might not be so keen on having their lovely new office converted back into your bedroom.

• Look for a job – Your parents may be happy to support you financially but they will be a lot happier doing this if they can see you are looking for a job. You’ll also gain some of that independence back once you start working.

• Getting on the property ladder can be hugely rewarding but you’ve got plenty of time. Enjoy the financial freedom living at home gives you but start to put together a budget and a plan to save up for that deposit. It’s estimated over 25% of all mortgage transactions are assisted by parents in the UK so book an appointment at the Bank of Mum and Dad.

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