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You might have thought that all April has to offer is a few silly pranks and terrible weather (what's that snow all about?!) in fact, there's so much more...for example, it's National Home Improvement Month...now we're talking!!

You might have thought that all April has to offer is a few silly pranks and terrible weather (what’s that snow all about?!) in fact, there’s so much more…for example, it’s National Home Improvement Month…now we’re talking!!

We thought we’d put together our top tips to help you improve your property before putting it up for sale, and therefore helping to improve the value of your property!

The biggest tip we can give is to take a look at your home through someone else’s eyes, in this case, the prospective buyers. One feature that you might think is amazing, might be the very thing that puts a buyer off. Invite your friends in and ask for their honest opinions of your home, of course we all have differing opinions when it comes to our homes so you shouldn’t take anything personally, however with a few different opinions stitched together, you could make your home quite appealing to a wider market.

The smell and look of a freshly painted hallway or entrance is a welcoming surprise for a prospective buyer, likewise you don’t want the house to smell of paint too much and end up in a headache, - find a happy medium. The hallway is always home to so much through-traffic that keeping on top of the clean floors and scuffed walls is a must, especially if you want to give off the best possible first impression.  

Your garden is extremely important, especially as we move towards summer – outside space can be a real selling point for your property, make sure it’s properly maintained, pruned and has the opportunity to be child friendly, should the buyers want that. Use this opportunity to cut down any large, overgrown shrubs that may be blocking windows and excluding natural light, when someone comes to view your home you want maximum natural light to be streaming through the windows.

Go green! The lower the bills, the better in the eye of many buyers, if your property doesn’t have a water meter, take a look at getting one installed. Expert research found that homes with a water meter pay up to £60 less a year than homes that don’t have one, it could definitely be worth your while making that improvement, and would act as a great selling point to your buyer!

Why not put these home improvement ideas in to action, and see just how much extra you could add to your asking price. Ask your local Belvoir expert for more information, you can locate and contact them here!

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